50+ C/C++ Projects with Source Code


Your search for complete and error-free projects in C and C++ ends here! Here, we’ve enlisted all the mini-projects, projects, games, software and applications built using C and C++ programming language — these are the projects published in our site or available with us at the moment. You can download all these projects (with source code) for free; make sure to check their individual post description as well.

First thing, most students learn C and C++ as their first programming language. They quickly become able to write programs that include functions, arrays and pointers, file handling and data structure, etc. But, when it comes to building a mini-game, an application, or a small project, incorporating all these features in one compact program becomes difficult.

In such case, reference projects always come in handy. The C and C++ projects published in our site will teach you how to get started, give you ideas and topics regarding your project, and sharpen your programming skills in C and C++. Here, you’ll find short and simple as well as long and complicated projects.

C Projects:

C Projects

The C projects softwares enlisted below are mini projects, mini games, and small applications. Most of these projects utilize functions, file handling, and data structure effectively. Try to analyze and understand the source code of these projects, and you’ll learn how to add, modify, view, search and delete data using file to create a similar project.

In some large and somewhat complicated projects, comments are provided in the multiple lines of the source code to help you understand the project better.

C++ Projects:

C++ Projects

Just like the C projects, the C++ projects enlisted below are mini projects – small games and applications. They are good for starters who are looking for reference projects to create a C++ mini-project of their own.

Some Advanced Projects in C and C++:

These are some projects with wider scope, utilizing the advanced aspects and graphics of C and C++ programming.

More C and C++ Projects:

More projects for you! We haven’t had the time to publish these projects, so we’ll just provide a download link to the ones mentioned below.




Note: The C/C++ projects mentioned in this listing have not been checked and debugged for errors. So, it’s up to you to find and remove those errors (if present)!

C and C++ Mini Project Ideas:

If you’re going to build a mini-project of your own in C or C++ language, here are some nice project topics and ideas:

  • Airlines Reservation System
  • ATM Banking System
  • Cafeteria Order Management System
  • Car Insurance System
  • Car Rental System
  • Clothing Store Management System
  • College Management System
  • Gym Management System
  • Hostel Accommodation System
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Mess Management System
  • Movie Ticket Booking System
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Student Attendance Management System
  • Supermarket Management System

The projects/software are divided into different headings just for the sake of clarity. So, if you’re a beginner in making a project, try understanding and analyzing a mini project, before moving on to developing a project of wider scope and application.

Most of the mini projects/software here are compiled in Code::Blocks IDE, so running the programs in other compiling platforms such as Turbo C/C++ may produce errors (unless mentioned otherwise in the post descriptions for respective projects).

If you are thinking of submitting these projects as your college mini project, we’d like to advise you to make some modifications to the project source code before sending them. There are always some rooms to add new features, and make the project a even better one.

We are always adding more and more projects, so bookmark this page to keep updated with the latest C and C++ projects published on this site. We hope these projects will serve you as reference projects and guide you more than enough to help you build a C/C++ project of your own.

Note: If you have developed a project in C or C++ and want to share it, Code with C is the right place! Just send us the source code and a brief abstract of your project at [email protected], and we’ll publish it with your name. Also, if you have a project request, you can mail us or mention your queries in the comments below.


  1. sir can i get the source code for time table management system using c programming.I need college time table based on some constraints like number of teachers etc.please help me out sir,I am not getting any idea.

  2. please could you help me in doing this project, I have finished with the coding and it has left with the algorithm and flowchart. here is the question: Pay as you study in VVU charges $100 for each semester hour of credit, $ 150 for regular room and $ 200 for air condition and $ 50 for the use of academic facilities. All student pay $30 for graduation and $20 for matriculation. write and develop an algorithm and flowchart that computes the total fees paid by each students. A warning message should be displayed if a student is taking more than 21 credits hours and less than 15 credit hours. the inputs are student id, room, credit hours and graduating student

    • Sorry, we don’t have that project. All the project available with us can be searched for and found in the site.

    • I don’t have such a project, but if we ever publish such project (in C/C++ language) on the site, it’ll appear in this page’s listing.

    • sir, pls pls…send me your mini project of college management system or student attendence record system or anything in c programming….pls sir i have to submit for internals in 2 days..

  3. data structure together with function void non-void with/without parameter array and for loop

    creating payroll

    please help me

  4. make file .txt
    1. check file size
    2. find total number of words
    replace words
    uper to lower,,,,lower to uper
    number of lines
    number of specific words like find ‘f’ in whole string
    total number of characters

  5. waah!! :'( this project is kinda difficult… can someone help me make it?? i really need a hand to help me.. 🙁
    i dont have any idea in making this project.

  6. 44. Emailing System: Design a simple email messaging system. A message has a recipient, sender, time and message. A mail box can store message. Supply number of mail boxes for different users. Provide following user interfaces
    a. Login
    b. Send message to other users
    c. Read their own message
    d. Log out

    Please give me the answer sir

  7. hey .. plzzzz help me out i need a soccer leauge management project on c programming ..
    i am not getting the logic of fixtures ..
    plzz help me

  8. Please Help me out!.. i want a school timetable system project based on file handling in c++ language for class12th project submission

  9. guys pls!!!!!help me!!!!!!!!!my question is ticketing system c++ program using structure…………………………………..
    1.add customers information
    2.search customers information
    3.inventory of sales per daily and weekly
    4.customers payment will be depend on the place
    5.provide destinations
    6.provide ur own fare and also
    7.the system should be secured……………………..plssssssssssssssssss help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! inbox the answer to me at:::[email protected]

  10. could i get a c++ code on Customer booking for cruises
    1. Enquire for routes and tariffs
    2. Enquire Ship schedules
    3. Customer bookings
    4. Generate customer bookings Ship schedule wise

  11. Need c++ program to :

    1. Maintain details related to Cultural events related Judges

    2. Maintain details related to Technical events related


    3. Maintain details related to Project completions related


    4. Maintain details related to Fine arts related Judges

  12. Sir, can you please send me a project in C++ on cruise travel management.The project should be made up using concepts of data file handling for class XII. It should include grahics. Also please provide it’s output.
    Please reply soon. In urgent need.

      • Sir, can you please tell me how to include graphics and change the background color in c++.
        It always comes up as an error.
        Also if you can tell me all the codes for the colors.
        Thanks! 🙂

        • Are you using Turbo C++ or CodeBlocks? By how to include graphics, do you mean how to include graphics.h? And, about the background color, go to this category; there are three posts there on how to change background and text color. Those may help you.

          Here are the color codes:

          BLACK 0
          BLUE 1
          GREEN 2
          CYAN 3
          RED 4
          MAGENTA 5
          BROWN 6
          LIGHTGRAY 7
          DARKGRAY 8
          LIGHTBLUE 9
          LIGHTGREEN 10
          LIGHTCYAN 11
          LIGHTRED 12
          LIGHTMAGENTA 13
          YELLOW 14
          WHITE 15

          • I have both C++ and Code Blocks in my system but the programs which have been copied from the net aren’t working. But rest of the programs which I have written are running successfully. Please help! If you can send me a link to download C++ it would be really helpful. Mail id – [email protected]

            Thanks! for the codes.

          • What do you mean by – “If you can send me a link to download C++”. What are you trying to download? Turbo C++?

            And you say that you have copied programs from the net and they aren’t working. Maybe these programs show errors or they have header files not included in your compiler.

            Most of the projects here at Code with C are to be compiled in CodeBlocks. So, our programs run well; I don’t know about the programs elsewhere on the web.

  13. sir, can u mail me the project of marks management system using file operations.
    In this project we have to register student,to update his marks ,and to look for his grade,to check whether he passed or not.

    • I don’ have this project, sorry. I’ve searched this project in many other sites, but couldn’t find it. What are the main objectives of “Cultural and Technical Management System”? Please, elaborate the project abstract. The project title sounds ambiguous!

  14. pramesh, why do i get a error in the for statement? im using turbo c, im quite new to this as im a first year student of computerscience , i would like to see how your program runs , but theres an error shown on line 59 , thank you.


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