Hospital Management System Project in C


This is a somewhat long but simple mini project in C programming language. Hospital management system project is just a console application without graphics, designed for Alka Hospital, situated in Lalitpur, Nepal.

This project mainly uses file handling to perform basic operations like how to add, edit, search and delete record using file. The source code of hospital management system is over 1100 lines, so the code has not been posted in this article.

You can directly download the source code along with the application file of this project from the link below. The C code is complete and totally error-free. Please make sure that you compile the source code in Code::Blocks.

Download Source Code


Download Hospital Management System Project in C with Source Code


About Hospital Management System C Project:

Hospital Management System C Project

This mini project, like any other, is built without graphics and comes with simple file handling operations. The key features in hospital management system are:

1. Add new patient record:

In this feature, user can add a new patient record choosing between O.P.D. service and Emergency service. In O.P.D. service (shown in output screen below), name, address, age, sex, disease description and specialist room number to be referred are available. Thus given information is stored in file. The information to be given are same in Emergency service.

2. Search or edit patient record:

In this mini project, two features – searching and editing patient records are placed under a single feature. User can search or edit via. record number of the patient or his/her full name.

All the information corresponding to the respective patient are displayed. These include the ones provided while adding a new patient record. If wrong information about record number or patient full name is provided, the program displays a message saying that no records were available.

Also, user can view the list of expenditures of the particular patient whose record is sought. In the program, the financial information include total charge, total deposited and total money to return.

3. List record of patients:

In hospital management system c project, users can list patient records by choosing any one of the four options listed below:

  • Records of patients in alphabetical order
  • Records of Emergency patients
  • Records of O.P.D. patients
  • Records of patients in a particular date

As in the two features mentioned above, user can view financial records corresponding to any particular patient listed according to any one of the four options mentioned above. Pressing ‘Enter’ user can view the records of next patients.

4. Delete patient records:

This features allows user to delete added record of any patient. For this the patient number to be removed is to be provided. Upon ‘Enter’, user can view the patient record and the financial records of the patient. To delete the record, press ‘Enter’ and the respective patient record will be deleted from the file.

Project Output Screenshots:

Hospital Management System Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen
Hospital Management Main Menu
Add New Patient Record in Hospital
Add New Patient Record
Patient's Expenditure
Patient’s Expenditure

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As with all other projects you can find in this site, we complete discourage you to submit this hospital management system C project as your college mini project without any changes. Instead, students are encouraged to analyze and modify this project by adding new features to make it an even better one.

Download Source Code


Download Hospital Management System Project in C with Source Code



  1. it worked thanks admin, I need your help i wanna build a educational windows based application using visual studio, can you please help me out with it, it can as well be a game for kids, so far its educational and they can learn from it at the end.

  2. Please send me the source code of the hospital management system project. What compiler did you use please?

  3. hello sir,
    Exe file is working but .c file is not working.
    i found error on line 864.

    cprintf(“%d)”,i+1); textcolor(11);
    cprintf(” %s”,&p.test[z][0]);textcolor(15);gotoxy(40,k);

    please, solve this problem or mail me source code.

    • First, you need to understand basic file handling, data structures, functions, pointers, etc. And, if you are looking for some simple projects to get started with making a C language project, these projects may help you — Phonebook Application, Quiz Game, Contact Management System and Tic Toe Game projects. You can find these projects here.

    • First of all, for questions like these we have created a forum. Try asking this question there.

      An electronic record keeping system would utilize simple file handling operations and basic data structures. So, you can try a relevant project published on our site as we do not have one specific project on the topic you mentioned.


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