Supermarket Billing System C++ Project


This supermarket billing system is a simple console application built in C++ without the use of graphics. This project will help you understand basically two things – use of stream class and file handling in c++ programming language.

Two classes, class amount and class item can be found in this project in which class amount is inherited from the class item. The project is simple to understand, and the source code has been presented in an understandable manner.

The source code for this project is long, over 700 lines, so I haven’t included it here. The code is complete and totally error-free, but there are rooms for improvement.

The C++ source code of this supermarket billing system project needs to be compiled in Code::Blocks using GCC compiler. You can directly download the source code plus the executable file from the link below.

Download Supermarket Billing System C++ Project  with Source Code


Download Supermarket Billing System C++ Project with Source Code


About Supermarket Billing System in C++:

Supermarket billing system is a very simple mini project in C++, built as a console application without using graphics features. It’s just a demonstration of the use of file handling and stream class in C++ language.

The project is relatively simple to understand as there are just a few features. Understanding the source code will give you the idea regarding file handling: how to add, remove, edit, and search data or info to/from file.

Listed below are the key features of this project:

  • Bill Report: It shows the bill report of all the items added in supermarket billing system.
  • Add, Remove or Edit items: With this feature you can add, remove and modify item details. In add items, you can add information or details such as item no., item name, manufacturing date, price, quantity, tax percent, and many more.
  • Show item details: This feature allows users to see the items and the corresponding details given for the item while adding the item.

Output Screens:

Supermarket Billing Main Menu
Main Menu
Bill Editor in Supermarket Billing System
Add Items

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Some rooms for improvements in this supermarket billing system project include the use of ‘while’ loop instead of the ‘goto’ label. Many programmers consider the use of ‘goto’ label to be not good or less efficient.

You can take the use of ‘goto’ label as the prime defect of this project. It has been used to jump from one menu to another within the program. Also, for editing and deleting the recorded items, separate functions have not been used.


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