Telephone Directory System C++ Project


Telephone directory is a very simple C++ project targeted for beginners in C++ programming. It uses very simple file handling operations to make up the whole project; these include adding, deleting, searching, listing and modifying records, to or from file.

To make this simple telephone directory system project in C++ better, graphics has been effectively utilized throughout. In this post, I have briefly described the features and header files used in this project.

The source code of this project is not too long – just over 400 lines. It is complete, totally error-free and easy to understand. The source code of this telephone directory system project in C++ can be directly downloaded from the link below. Also, you can refer the description provided here as abstract of this project.

Download Telephone Directory System C++ Project  with Source Code

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About Telephone Directory System:

Telephone Directory System Project in C++


The features of telephone directory system are mainly related to adding, listing, searching, modifying and deleting telephone directory-related records. All these operations are done through file handling, i.e., all the added and modified data are recorded in file, and the deleted information are removed from the program file.

The information contained in the telephone directory records are the name, phone number and address of the person whose record is entered in the telephone directory system project in C++. So, the simple file handling cum telephone directory operations users can perform in this project are:

•    Add telephone record
•    Show records
•    Modify record
•    Search telephone records
•    Delete record

Header Files Used:

Before you compile the source code, make sure the following header files required to run this project are there in your library folder. The project uses graphics, so the graphics.h header file should be available to run this project. If you are going to compile the source code in Code::Blocks, you need to include graphics.h in your compiler. Click this link for how to include graphics.h in Code::Blocks.

  • #include<iostream.h>
  • #include<fstream.h>
  • #include<iomanip.h>
  • #include<string.h>
  • #include<stdlib.h>
  • #include<conio.h>
  • #include<stdio.h>
  • #include<iomanip.h>
  • #include<graphics.h>
  • #include<dos.h>

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Targeted for beginners in C++ projects, this telephone directory system project in C++ is very simple to understand. So, use it well as a reference project, and try creating a new project of your own. If you have suggestions and feedback for this project, mention them in the comments box below.



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