Phonebook Management System C++ Project


Similar to Phonebook and Contact Management System, this phonebook management system project in C++ is a simple console application built without graphics. In this project, users can add a new phone record, display existing phone records, search a particular phone record and delete phone records. This simple project will teach you file handling operations such as how to add, search, modify, list and delete records using file.

The source code is complete and totally error-free. It is just over 300 lines, simple to analyze and understand. The source code of phonebook management system can be compiled in both Turbo C++ and Code::Blocks (might require some modifications to the code). You can directly download the C++ code from the link provided below.

Download Phonebook Management System C++ Project with Source Code


Download Phonebook Management System C++ Project with Source Code


About Phonebook Management System:

Phonebook Management System Project in C++


1. Add phone record: This features adds a new phone record to the file. It asks for the phone number and name of the person whose record is to be created. Upon successful creation of a new phone record, the phonebook management system program displays the message – “Phone details successfully stored.” If the new phone record already exists in the file, it displays the message – “Phone id already exists! Try again…”

2. Search phone records: This function is very simple, and with it users can search for a phone record either by providing the phone number or by the name of a particular person whose record has already been added in the file.

3. Show phone records: In phonebook management system, this feature allows user to list all the phone records stored in file. The information displayed here are phone record number, phone number and the person’s name.

4. Modify phone record: This simple feature allows user to edit the phone number and person name corresponding to a particular phone record. Upon successful modification, the program displays the message – “Record modified successfully!”

5. Delete phone record: This feature deletes added phone record from the file. The user needs to provided the phone number to be deleted from phonebook management system. Upon successful deletion, it displays the message – “Record deleted!”. If the phone number provided is not found in file, the program displays the message – “Record doesn’t exist! Try again…”

Header Files Used:

This project utilizes only 4 header files – conio, stdio, alloc and string. To make the project simple, graphics has not been used here, but you can add graphics features to this project to make it a better one.

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Submitting this phonebook management system project in C++ as your college C++ project without modifications is completely discouraged. Use this project as a reference project, and try creating a C++ project of your own. Your queries and feedbacks relevant to this project can be discussed in the comments section below.


  1. Actually the phonebook management system code is give fatal error while i run it any ide but also another issue is the c header file has been used , this is not appropriate header file for c++


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