Mini Project in C Phonebook


This mini project in C Phonebook allows you to perform simple Phonebook operations like in your mobile. You can add, list, modify, search and delete Phonebook-related records. File handling and data structure concepts has been extensively used for almost all functions in this mini project.

Phonebook in C is a console application without graphics. The source code is complete and totally error-free. It is compiled in Code::Blocks with GCC compiler.

The source code for this project is just over 300 lines, and it is very simple to understand. You can directly download the source code plus application file from the link below.

Download Mini Project in C Phonebook with Source Code


Download Mini Project in C Phonebook with Source Code


About Phonebook Mini Project in C:

Phonebook is a very simple mini project in C that can help you understand the basic concepts of functions, file handling and data structure. This application will teach you how to add, list, modify or edit, search and delete data to/from the file.

Adding new records, listing them, modifying them and updating, search for contacts saved, and deleting the phonebook records are the basic functions which make up the main menu of this Phonebook application (as shown in the main menu screenshot below).

Personal information such as name, sex, father’s name, phone number, citizenship number, email and address are asked while adding a record into the Phonebook. These records can then be modified, listed, searched for and removed.

I have used many functions in this mini project. These functions are easy to understand as their name only signifies their respective operations.

  • void menu() – This function is used to display the main menu.
  • void start() – This functions calls the menu function mentioned above.
  • void back() – This function is used to go back to start.
  • void addrecord() – It adds a new Phonebook record.
  • void listrecord() – This function is used to view list of added records in file.
  • void modifyrecord() – This function is used to modify added records.
  • void deleterecord() – It deletes record from file.
  • void searchrecord() – It searches for added record by name.

Output Screenshots:

Mini Project in C Phonebook - Main Menu
Phonebook in C - Adding Record
Add New Record

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This Phonebook application is one of the simplest mini projects developed by the Code with C team. It is especially targeted at beginners who are just starting to develop small projects in C language. Other very similar projects are personal diary management and contact management systems.

I hope this mini project on Phonebook application in C will help you as a reference project to understand file handling, data structure and functions. (File handling and data structure have been effectively used for the last five functions aforementioned.)

Like other C mini projects in this site, submitting this project with little or no modification at all is completely discouraged.


  1. Hi, I love this mini project and the C language, but I usually code in Visual Studio, I was wondering what would be the equivalent of the function “got” in Visual Studio? It works perfectly fine in Code Blocks, but I want to try and run this project in Visual Studio! Please help!!

    • What problem did you face with the download link? It’s working all right here. Please, state the problem we faced, so that others won’t face the same problem you encountered while downloading. Thanks.

  2. Sir , can you Help me on my mini Project ??? Its Crime Record management System Using C lang …. The code should run on gcc … Please sir .. See if can help me doing the project … Thank you !!!

    • Hey, I don’t have such project right now.

      Have you made up your mind regarding what the project will feature or what things your “Crime Record Management System” will focus on? Please, send me an abstract of the project if you have.

  3. The Phonebook project doesn’t work on a Mac. How can I convert this file to use it in Xcode? I tried using ncurses.h and changing the getch() to just the standard getchar() but the file is still not compiling.

    • Hey, I haven’t tried running any of these project-codes on Mac using Xcode. Right now, I can’t give you any good solution to your problem, but here’s a thing you can try. Try installing CodeBlocks on Mac and run the source code. If it works, let me know. If it doesn’t try running the source code of this project on Windows’ CodeBlocks.


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