Quiz Game Mini Project in C


This is a complete and error-free Quiz Game Mini Project in C designed as a simple console application. In this project, a number of questions are asked, and the user is awarded cash prize for each correct answer given. (Other similar mini game projects are: snake game, hangman game, pacman game.)

In quiz game, questions are chosen in such a a way that they cover all fields of a typical quiz contest. The user’s general knowledge is tested with quiz questions regarding science, technology, movies, sports, general health, geography and many more.

The source code is to be compiled in Code::Blocks with gcc compiler. This quiz game in C is not designed to run on the Turbo C versions. The source code for this mini project is around 1000 lines, so I didn’t want to display it here. You can directly download the source code and application file from the link below.

Downloads Quiz Game Mini Project in C with Source Code

Quiz Game in C – Project Introduction:

I have divided this mini project into many functions, and listed below are some of those which may help you understand the project better.

  • edit_score() – adds the current cash prize won to the previous one upon giving the right answer to a question
  • help() – help menu with game summary and rules
  • reset_score() – to reset the highest score/cash prize to default
  • show_record() – shows the highest cash prize won by a particular user
  • show_score() – to view the highest score

In this quiz game mini project, you can store the user name, view the highest score secured by a user, and even reset the score. Additionally, to make the game look a little more interesting, it is divided into two rounds; user must pass the first round to reach the second one.

Of the 2 rounds I mentioned above, the first is called the Warm-up Round; the second is the Challenge round. In the warm-up round, the user is asked a total of three simple questions and they must be able to answer at least two of them correctly to enter the next round. If the user is not capable of doing that, he is not permitted to proceed further.

In the second and more interesting round of this quiz game in C, the user will be asked questions continuously, and for each right answer given, they will earn $100,000!

The game ends when the user’s cash prize piles up to $1 million. For each question asked, there are 4 options, namely A, B, C and D. There are no negative markings, so the user’s accumulated cash money won’t be deducted for wrong answers to the questions.

Output Screenshots:

Welcome Screen of Quiz Game Mini Project in C
Welcome Screen
Questions asked in Quiz Game in C
Correct Answer
Quiz Game Highest Score
Highest Score

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In this quiz game mini project in C, I haven’t used file handling for reading and storing the Quiz questions asked during the game. I have used file only for recording the score secured or the amount of cash prize won by players.

Not using file handling in C for reading and storing questions may seem a bad idea, but this mini project can definitely guide you to create similar Quiz games by using file handling for aforementioned operations.


  1. void show_record()
    char name[20];
    float scr;
    FILE *f;
    printf(“\n\n\t\t %s has secured the Highest Score %0.2f”,name,scr);

    void reset_score()
    float sc;
    char nm[20];
    FILE *f;
    can you explain it or simplify it for turbo c7.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your work. It’s really a great help! Our project for the Finals somewhat like yours. We just have to use all of this —> Function, Array, Pointers and Switch Case, which I believe is applicable on this game, right? Or is there another game/system where I can use all four? Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you once again and have a great day!

    – Khatt Jah –

    • Hey, good to know you liked this project. And yes, this Quiz Game uses just simple features such as functions and arrays; there’s no use of file handling. You can modify this project as you wish. Good luck!

      • Sir

        When i click the download menu for the quiz. It appears as the account has been disabled. Can you please get me copy of that quiz game code

        • I posted this project about a year ago, so I actually can’t relate to your problem. In fact, such problem shouldn’t have arise, and I don’t think there’s any account disabling feature in this project.

          Further, there’s no separate copy of the source code; the one in the download link is the original copy.

  3. I am new to programming and i am working hard to find a ground so that i can enjoy it too like others. I just came across this game and i think its a nice one. i will follow it slowly to see if soon i can also develop something others can enjoy. Any guidance given is much welcome sir.

    • If you’re new to programming, C is probably the best language to start with. Understanding C should take you less than a month, and you found the simplest project to start learning C. Quiz Game and Phonebook are the simplest projects we have to help beginners understand how to develop mini projects. Also, you can read some good books on C programming.

      Recommended book:- C Programming: A Modern Approach


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