Hangman Game in C


Hangman Game in C is a simple C program which has been designed to demonstrate different application formats and syntaxes of C programming language. The game is very simple to play and the coding has been done such as way that the applicatoin is an interesting and entertaining game. In the game, there is not any use of graphics, user defined function and user defined header file.

The source code of Hangman Game in C is quite short and user friendly. The attached comments with the different lines of the code have further simplified the source code. Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in which the project was developed is Code::Blocks using GCC compiler. You can directly download the source code and application file of this game/project from the link below.

Download Hangman Game in C  with Source Code


Download Hangman Game in C with Source Code


Hangman Game – Project Introduction:

The most frequently used control statements in this Hangman Game are if() and if()..else sentences as well as iterative statements such as for() loop. The main purpose of the project is to illustrate use of control structures.


  • The source code of the game is easy, short, understandable and user friendly.
  • When you start the game, the game asks you to guess a character.
  • The Hangman Game in C gives five chances to guess.
  • If you are able to match the character in five guesses, you will be winner.
  • If you fail to match the character in fives guesses, you will lose the game and hanged by Hangman Game in C.

You can use this Hangman Game in C as your chapter project of control structure and it can also be used to learn use of different control structures and simple input and output statements etc.

Output Screens:

Hangman Game in C
Output Screen 1
Hangman Game in C
Output Screen 2
Hangman Game in C
Output Screen 3
Hangman Game in C
Output Screen 4

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The Hangman Game in C proves that a simple and short source code without any use of  user defined functions or file handling techniques can generate an entertaining game if you can assemble the simple techniques in appropriate way.

The source code has been tried to make error free as far as it was possible but still there may be some imperfections and bugs. Your suggestions and feedbacks would always be warmly welcomed.



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