Mini Project in C Personal Diary Management System


One of the best C programming language projects, mini project in C Personal Diary Management System is a console application without graphics. In this project, user can keep their personal record like they do in a diary. You can keep records of the important things you do in your daily life, like meetings and various other tasks.

This mini project on Personal Diary Management in C is compiled in Code::Blocks IDE using GCC compiler. It is complete and totally error-free.

The source code for this project is a bit long – over 1000 lines. So, I didn’t display the source code here. You can directly download the source code plus application file from the link below.

Download Mini Project in C Personal Diary Management System with Source Code


Download Mini Project in C Personal Diary Management System with Source Code


About Personal Diary Management System:

In this console application, you can add, view, edit and delete records. Records can be added with many information such as duration of task, name, address, time and date. File handling has been effectively used to keep the records.

The basic user-defined functions used in this project are listed below:

  • int password() – contains/manages/handles password protection
  • void addrecord() – to add new diary record
  • void viewrecord() – to view added record in list
  • void editrecord() – to modify and update an added record
  • void editpassword() – to modify/change a password
  • void deleterecord() – to delete or remove a record permanently from system file

In this project, you need to enter a password to view, edit or delete record. Password is not required to view the main menu or to add record. We have used password in other mini projects in Code with C; what’s little different in this project is that you can edit the password within the application i.e., after executing or upon running the project.

Your password is currently ‘Enter’ for this mini project. Don’t type e-n-t-e-r. Press the Enter key!

Output Screenshots:

Mini Project in C Personal Diary Management System - Main Menu
Diary Menu
Adding Records in Personal Diary
Add Record
Mini Project on Personal Diary in C - View List
View Record
Password for Personal Diary Management System
Edit Password

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This project is here to serve you as a reference project. So, submitting this mini project on Personal Diary Management System in C with little or no modification at all is completely discouraged. This project will teach you proper use of file handling, data structure, pointers and functions. So, try to write your own code and create your own mini project. You can share with us if you do.


  1. After adding record….the file saved with filename of date….when we open this file….it is in encrypted form….why?? N where we using program for encryption the text which we r saving…

  2. Wen for password i entered “enter” its not opening the next options
    I pressed enter key also and also tried for the word e-n-t-e-r
    Both didnt work


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