Mini Project in C Telecom Billing System


With this mini project in C Telecom Billing System, you can perform and manage billing operations like they do in Telecom companies. Here, you can add records with name, phone number and the amount of payment. You can view, modify, search and delete existing records.

You can also make payment by providing your phone number instead of name. All data added or modified are recorded in a file. This project will teach you how to add, list, edit, search and delete records using file handling.

This mini project is a console application without graphics. It is compiled in Code::Blocks IDE using GCC compiler. So, compiling the source codes in other platforms or compiler such as Turbo C will produce errors.

The source code is complete and totally error-free, short and simple, just over 250 lines. You can directly download the source code plus the executable file from the link below.

Download Mini Project in C Telecom Billing System with Source Code


Download Mini Project in C Telecom Billing System with Source Code


Features of Telecom Billing System in C:

Simple functions have been used in co-ordination with data structure and file handling. As the project is relatively short, you can thoroughly go through the whole source code; this will help you understand data structure and file handling if you know their fundamentals. You’ll also get the basic idea regarding “how to develop a C mini project” in a very simple manner.

The functions and features used in this project are listed below:

  • Add new records: add new data into file with name, phone number and amount to be paid
  • View list of records – lists all telephone billing records (as shown in screenshot 3)
  • Modify records – edit the added records; name, phone number and/or amount of payment can be edited
  • View payment – shows amount to be paid
  • Search records – search for added/updated records in file
  • Delete records – removes data permanently from file

This project is limited to the functions aforementioned. You can add new features as you like to make this project a better one.

Output Screenshots:

Mini Project in C Telecom Billing System - Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen
Features of Telecom Billing Management System
Main Menu
List of Records in Telecom Billing System
List of Records

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I have published this project here so that it can help you as a reference project. Submitting this mini project in C Telecom Billing System with little or no modification at all is completely discouraged.

If you have got good skills in C programming language, then understanding the source code of this project will help you a lot. You will understand file handling and data structures use in C; this project will guide you to create a mini project of your own.



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