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Built as a large, complex and effective program, Payroll management system project in C++ is a console application without the use of graphics. The project has multiple classes and sub-classes with numerous features within them. Basic operations users can perform via this program project that are based on file handling are adding new employee record, modifying employee record and deleting record, displaying one or all employee’s record. Besides these, payroll management also allows users to print the salary slip for a particular employee.

This project is large, complete and totally error-free. The source code is very long – over 1500 lines; so I haven’t embedded the C++ code in this post. The source code can be directly downloaded from the link provided below. And, you can refer the description provided here as project synopsis for Payroll Management System.

Download Payroll Management System C++ Project  with Source Code


Download Payroll Management System C++ Project with Source Code


Payroll Management System Project Abstract:

Payroll Management System Project in C++


1. Addition of New Employee: You can find this feature under the public category of class employee. The information contained in this feature are employee code number, name, address, phone number, joining date (day, month and year), designation, grade and loan. Besides these, this function also stores record related to employee’s basic salary, house allowance, and many more.

2. Modify Employee Record: Payroll management system project in C++ asks for employee code from the user for this function to work. Modifications that can be made are the employee code number itself, joining date (day, month and year), name, address, phone number, designation, grade, house allowance and loan given to the employee. Employee’s grade are categorized as A, B, C, D and E.

3. Delete Employee Record: You can simply delete an employee record from Payroll management system project by entering the employee code. A confirmation message is asked stating whether the user really wants to delete the record from the file.

4. Print Employee Salary Slip: This feature too asks for the employee code; the employee code has been used to unlock or perform operations in many features of this payroll management system project in C++. This function lists all the months of the year, and asks for date, employee name, designation and grade from the user.

To print the salary slip, the user further needs to provide information such as number of days worked in the month by the employee and the number of hours worked over time. The slip enlists basic salary, allowance, deductions and net salary of the employee.

5. Display a Employee Record: Providing the employee code number, users can access all the provided information related to a particular employee via this function. The employee record information displayed are the ones provided while adding a new employee record.

6. Display List of Employees: Unlike the above function, this feature displays the record of all employees added in file. The records are displayed in a tabular pattern containing information such as code name of the employee, phone number, date of joining, designation, grade and salary.

Header Files Used:

To keep the project simple, graphics has not been implemented in this project. Before you compile the C++ source code, make sure the following header files are there in your compiler library folder.

  • #include <iostream.h>
  • #include <fstream.h>
  • #include <process.h>
  • #include <string.h>
  • #include <stdlib.h>
  • #include <stdio.h>
  • #include <ctype.h>
  • #include <conio.h>
  • #include <dos.h>

If you were looking for project containing graphics, you can find them here. Actually, implementation of graphics has been left as an room for improvement in this project.

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Like with all other project published on our site, submitting this project with little or no modifications at all is completely discouraged. Try understanding this project; it may take some time, but try analyzing the features of this project, so that it helps you as a reference project to create your own C++ college project. If you have any suggestions and feedback regarding this payroll management system project in C++, do mention them in the comments section below.


  1. Hi Pramesh Sir, Thank you very much for taking your time out and helping us beginners. We really appreciate all the hard work you put in here. I wanted to know if there is a project report available for this project. Because it would immensely help us get an abstract understanding of the project and we can probably try creating this ourselves without copying it if we had guidance through a report/documentation. Please e-mail a copy of it or even a simple understanding of what each function in the project does. That would definetely be of immense help! 🙂

  2. This is my project the payroll system can you give Sir the complete source code of this file because i didnt download it so I need your help..Reply please thanks

  3. Hi there,

    I came upon your website regarding the payroll system in C++, i have download the .cpp file, but i see that you mentioned that all the header files are needed. So may i check where can i get those header files? I am very new to C++ and not sure what is needed to be done. Hope you can assist me. Thanks a lot

  4. sir,can you send me the source code of Payroll System. The download links were blocked in my network so I can not download it. Thank you!

  5. hi thanks for the source codes they have been helpful in developing my projects could you mind sending me the report for the payrol project?

  6. Hi Sir, very helpful the details and the code on the payroll management, but actually i’m using code block 13.12
    and an error on instruction “gotoxy()” can i fix it please?

  7. In fuction ” int EMPLOYEE :: LASTCODE(void) ” in source download, i don’t understand syntax:
    ” *) this, sizeof(EMPLOYEE)) “, Can you help me ?
    Thank you ?

  8. sir i need contact management using c++
    in that program i need below functions too add
    1.add new contacts
    2.list all contacts contacts
    4.edit contacts
    5.delete contacts
    and this program we should work the file how?

      • sir can’t you help about this problem?Please help me with my case study..:
        Make a c++ program of the payroll of a company

        input values :
        a. Name of Employee
        b. Position in the company
        c. No. of hours worked
        d. No. of overtime hours
        e. rate per hour

        basic pay = number of hours worked x rate per hour
        ot pay = overtime hours x 150% of rate per hour
        gross pay = basic pay + ot pay
        tot deduc = tax + sss + med

        tax can be computed based on the following table:
        basic pay tax
        10000 or less 1% of basic pay
        10001-15000 2% of basic pay
        15001-20000 3% of basic pay
        20001-30000 4% of basic pay
        30001 or more 5% of basic pay

        sss = 10% of basic pay
        med = 6% of basic pay

        net pay= gross pay – total ded

        *The payroll should have at least 5 employees in it.*

        //any help will be greatly accepted.. please help me!

        • I get too many requests like these in my site’s comments section as well as my mailing addresses. It takes time to help you with an entire project. Also, in this case, there’s already a reference project for you. You can modify the project published here and build your own. I recommend you to discuss your case study/problem with your friends. That will be more productive.

  9. Hello, I would like to learn C++ in the easiest way possible… could you recommend how please. tnx

    By the way, i tried to run your payroll code in Visual C++ and it showed lots of error… i am now wondering what could i have done wrong? help me please. tnx very much.

    • I currently don’t have any C++ tutorial in this site. But, there are some good C++ programming books in the Downloads category. You can try Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain.

      And, Payroll Management Project showed no errors when I ran it on Code::blocks.

  10. Hello sir, Thanks a lot for the post. I was using Code blocks and i was having several error like ‘gotoxy was not declared’ ‘ clrscr() was not declared’ etc. It means something is wrong with the compiler. What should i do? One more thing, could you please send the source code of this program with c? thanks.

    • Hey Torres, thanks for asking me to look into a program, but I’d like to suggest you (as I’ve done the same when someone asks me to look through a complete project) to try and fix it yourself or discuss with your classmates. Looking through a “project” will take a long time.

      I’ve published the same project here with source code to help programmers as a reference project. So, copy and paste your source code in the comments, and I hope other people will join the discussion and help you with your project.

  11. hi could please send me the code of a similar program , but a bit shorter ,with the following functions :-

    void getdata(); //Function To Input The Employee Details
    void showdata();//Function To Display The Employee Details
    void search(); //Function To Search For An Employee
    void displayall();//Function To Display The List Of Employees
    void salaryslip();//Function To Generate The Salary Slips Of All Employees

    Thanks!! 😀


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