Mini Project in C Cyber Management System


This mini project in C Cyber Management System utilizes various features of C like Socket, Multithreading, and more. It can prove to be very useful for C languages learners who are beginners in the programming field. File handling has been used as database to store records.

Understanding this project will help you create management software or your own mini projects like employee record, bank management, library management, etc. The whole project is divided into two programs, one for the client and one for the server.

There are two different source codes in this mini project on Cyber Management System in C: one for the client functions and other for the server functions. See a client-server example for socket programming in C.

The server program is for managing settings and client requests. The client program gives clients access to the cyber services. Both these source codes are short, each around 100 lines. You can directly download the source codes plus the executable files from the link below.

Download Mini Project in C Cyber Management System with Source Code  and Header Files


Download Mini Project in C Cyber Management System with Source Code  and Header Files


About Cyber Management System Project:

Utilizing the advanced features of C, such as socket programming and multithreading, this Cyber Management System application has been built. The system is divided into two modules: client module and server module.

The server module or program is responsible for the management of settings and client request. On the other hand, the client part gives clients in cyber access to the services provided by the place. Both the program have different source code, and they run in accordance to one another.

So, Cyber Cafe Management System interconnects different computers in a Cyber cafe, and allows users to communicate over the computer network. It aims at managing Cyber cafe with multiple clients and provide the clients service access to log in. The log-in system provides security from hackers or unauthorized users to gain access to the client server.

In this cyber cafe management system project, clients can log in as guests or members and use the facilities provided by the  cyber. Clients can even request services of a typical cafe such as coffee, tea, and other things.

Output Screens:

Cyber Setup in Cyber Management System
Cyber Setup
Cyber Cafe Management System in C - Client Log In
Client Log In

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The project may seem complex but it’s easy to understand and analyze. It is quite different than other C mini projects you find on Code with C. If you have any queries regarding bring them up to me from the comments section.


  1. sir,we r getting problem,in getting exess to cyber management sys, compiler is showing error in library functions,

    kindly help us to cure it.plzz


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