Hostel Management System VB.NET Project


Hostel Management System Project is a web-based application developed in VB.NET. This project aims at keeping the student records and attendance information of each student in the hostel along with their hostel number details and room number.

The system also calculates the food bills of each student after they take the food provided by hostel’s MESS department. Overall, the project aims at making easy accommodation and calculation procedure for Hostel Management.

You can download the complete source code, database details, and project abstract of Hostel Management System from the download links in the post. At this moment, the project report and documentation are not available for download. If found, they will be directly updated in the download links.

Download Hostel Management System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Database & Project Abstract


Download Hostel Management System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Database & Project Abstract


About Hostel Management System:

Existing System:

The current hostel management system is a manual one where most of the management-related things are done without using computer. This system is not able to keep records of the hostel students who are not present in their room during the night time.

This demerit has been solved in the proposed system with the provision of fine or any other appropriate actions against those who are absent in their hostel room during night.

Another disadvantage of the current system is the MESS payment procedure. Here, hostel students have to make full monthly payment for the food even if they do not eat on particular day for various reasons. The attendance in MESS as well as in all hostels are done manually by counting heads of each student.

Proposed System:

In this Hostel Management software, students are at first allocated to their appropriate hostel during the admission. The MESS food charges are additional, so the hostelers who eat food pay for the exact amount. This means, if any hosteler is not present, they don’t have to pay for the food for that particular day.


The key features of Hostel Management System are listed below:

  1. Each hosteler is provided a unique id during the admission time.
  2. They system keeps track of each and every hosteler by that unique id.
  3. The system can be used to find the vacant rooms if the hostel is very big. It can also be used to find the total numbers of rooms in the hostel, and the students residing in a particular hostel room.
  4. The system displays information regarding the hostel room for boys and girls.
  5. Hostel number can be assigned on the basis of year of admission and the course taken by the hosteler.

In addition to the aforementioned features, an admin can keep track of data of each and every employee working in the hostel. These employees, like the hostel students, are given unique id number. The admin can see list of all employees working in the hostel; they can add, edit, delete various information such as mess charges, hostel charges, etc.


New Student Entry in Hostel Management Software
New Student Entry
New Student Record in Hostel Management System
New Hostel Student Record

System Specifications:

1. Technologies Used:

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: MySQL Server

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor – Pentium III or higher version
  • Ram – 200 MB
  • Hard Disk – 500 MB
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard

3. Software Requirements:

  • Windows Vista
  • Visual studio 2006
  • MySQL Server

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This is simply an introduction to abstract, features, and screenshots of this software project. Hostel Management System Project is not limited to the features and modules aforementioned. The project has wide scope as it is a computerized system. Various new features and modules can be incorporated into the system as per the user requirements.


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