Inventory Management System VB.NET Project


Inventory Management System is a computerized user-friendly menu-driven software implemented in Visual Basic. The software is planned in relational database, and ORACLE has been chosen as the medium of approach. Using this system, the time and effort needed to input and process data in addition to generating reports is reduced. The system’s front end is based on Visual Basic 6.0 and the back end is Microsoft Access.

You can download the complete source code and project files of Inventory Management System software from the download links in the post. The project report and full documentation are also available for download. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project abstract and system specifications along with some screenshots.

Download Inventory Management System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


Download Inventory Management System Project in VB.NET with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


About Inventory Management System Project:

When it comes to inventory management, there are many software packages which have been developed using different programming languages. The proposed system is developed using a fourth generation language as it can be easily interfaced with other programming languages such as c.cobol, and many more.

Modules Used:

Inventory management software is based on modular approach and deals with the problems faced under inventory management in a very systematic manner. The entire information procedure in this system comprises of modules such as:

  1. Indent order processing
  2. Purchase order processing
  3. Item receipt order processing
  4. Item issue order processing
  5. Item returns order processing

Existing and Proposed System:

The existing inventory management system is very difficult to handle and maintain as it is mainly built in FoxPro 2.6, a very unfriendly user interface. Whereas, the proposed system is very user friendly as it is menu driven. Once the inquiry is provided, any information about the employees can be accessed. Reports can be generated fast, and there are data security checks to disallow unauthorized access to the system.

All the data and records are stored in the database which acts as a centralized place for storing data. Memory usage is less compared to the existing inventory management system. The system further provides features such menus, online options, online enquiry, etc.

This computerized system mainly aims at making the overall inventory management procedure systematic. This includes works such as material entry, purchasing orders, generating stores requirements, generating complicated reports, etc. The following factors influence the overall computerization system:

  • Maintenance: It involves getting information of raw material, and maintaining the receipts.
  • Updating: The computerized inventory management system requires updating the data like purchase order, goods category, etc.
  • Time: The time required to perform any operation or carry out any task using the proposed system is less than that required using the existing system.
  • Reports: Generation of reports depends on purchase order, item receipt report, inquiry report, etc.

Project Screenshots:

Inventory Items Enquiries
Items Enquiries
Item Code Master in Inventory Management System
Item Code Master
Inventory Purchase Order
Purchase Order

System Specifications:

1. Software Requirements:

  • Operating Platform:    Windows NT 4.0/Windows 98
  • Front end Tool:            Visual Basic 6.0
  • Back end Tool:              Oracle8

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor:           Pentium 233 MHz
  • Ram:                    32 MB
  • Hard disk:          2.1GB
  • Floppy Drive:    1.44 MB
  • Keyboard:          105 standard

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In addition to the features aforementioned, the proposed VB.NET project on Inventory Management System is very flexible and can incorporate many new features and modules. Based on the user requirements, modifications to various parts of the system can be done for all the modules in the system.


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