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Developed in ASP.NET as a web-based application, Task Management System aims at managing different tasks as well as the employees associated with the work. It develops a common interface for different sections of a company or firm. This application is designed for such an environment where the task is divided into group of employees and during the course of division, the employees are selected to be part of the work in hand.

You can access the complete source code, project report, documentation, database details and other project files of Task Management System from the download links in this post. Here, I’ve briefly introduced the project with the modules used and the system specification. You can find their detailed information in the project report.

Download Task Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Task Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


About Task Management System:

Existing System:

The current task management system in a company is a manual one where all the information are maintained in the form of records. Tasks are assigned manually and there’s higher chance of redundant entries. To transfer information between different departments of the company, documents or letters are used. Drafting letters takes time, and this overall process is time consuming.

Proposed System:

With the proposed task management system project, the information of the entire enterprise will be managed by a centralized database system. Any changes made to other sections/departments of the enterprise are known to all the parts of the company instantly.

In this proposed system, notifications of task allocations are done via email system. It makes all available members part of the team and helps in easy selection procedure to make them available when task is to be allocated.

Task management system provides security to confidential information, reduces the redundancy of making entries and speeds up the entire activities of the company. The maintenance cost of this software system is low; so, it is economical.

Modules Overview:

  1. Administrative Module: This module maintains the information regarding the administrator and employees who are working for the organization.  It maintains communication with the task management module and task scheduling module.
  2. Task Management Module: This module generally maintains the information about all the tasks that are organized at the level of organization standards. Any task under the system is registered with this module.
  3. Task Scheduling Module: This module maintains information regarding the tasks that are scheduled upon the employees. It records the date and time when a particular task is scheduled and by what time the task is to be completed.

System Users:

Besides the modules aforementioned, the complete task management system project is divided into levels of working category: Administrator and User.

An administrator is the main controller of task management system application. They can create new users, provide notification, create new tasks and give the task to individual person. The preferences settings include the sorting of the available tasks based on various parameters such as: task types to display and their respective order. An administrator can also create new category of task lists into which the future tasks can be added.

The user management sections involve creating new users and managing existing users in terms of privilege given to them and changing passwords. Application configuration involves placing the task list category with a status values. The different statuses are open, closed, in progress, intermediate etc. Notification section includes the mechanism to notify the user with the proper message related to the tasks.

A User is a restricted member of the application where they have the privileges to create new tasks, manage the tasks and change the status of the application or placement of the application from one category to other category. User don’t have the option of creating new users and management of applications.


Task Management System Project
Administrator Home
Task Management System Project in ASP.NET

System Specifications:

1. Hardware Requirements:

  • PIII  500MHZ or above
  • 128MB RAM
  • 100MB Free Hard disk space
  • STD Color Monitor
  • Network interface card or Modem (For Remote Sources)
  • LAN Network (For Remote Sources)

2. Software Requirements:

  • WINDOWS NT 4 | 2000 | 9.X | ME
  • Visual Studio .Net 2002 Enterprise Edition
  • Internet Information Server 5.0
  • Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)
  • SQL Server 2000

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The task management application is made as simple as surfing a website. So, a nontechnical person can also understand the processing on the application easily. This system provides instant information regarding the work under process within the company. The application helps in easy management of tasks and data, and spans over all the departments of the company which can reach the server from their systems though LAN network.


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