Online Document Management System Java Project


Online Document Management System facilitates storing and maintenance of various kinds of user documents. Developed using Java programming language, this web-based system allows users to perform routine tasks such as storing, organizing, retrieving, modifying and maintaining files and documents.

This project is currently available for download with its complete Java source code, design specifications and diagrams (system architecture, use case diagram, class diagram and activity diagram), and sample screenshots. Project documentation, report, and ppt are not available at the moment. So, refer the description below for project synopsis.

Download Online Document Management System Project in Java


Download Online Document Management System Project in Java with Source Code and Design Diagrams


Online Document Management System Project Synopsis:

Existing System:

Google Docs, Think Free Office, and Zoho Office Suite are some of the most common online office suites that can be accessed on the internet. These are similar in many aspects as all of them allow you to perform operations such as creating files and documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Further, you can share and collaborate your work with other users.

Creating your own documents can be started from scratch or you can import existing documents you created using Microsoft Office or WordPad on your computer. The documents you create or modify can later be stored again in your computer’s local disk by exporting. With the existing systems, saving can be done in various formats such as doc, csv, pdf, rtf, html, xls, ods, and many more.

Best thing about the existing document management systems is that most of them are free. Just with these free services, you can manage hundreds of documents and files. Premium services provide additional features such as larger storage capacity, better support and 24/7 assistance.

Despite the good points aforementioned, there are some problems in the existing system such as:

  • Although most of the existing document management system provide quite a lot of features, they are not real document management software as they do not provide features such as workflow and metadata.
  • They are not designed for groups, instead they are aimed at individual users.
  • Integration of files and documents with other system may be difficult.
  • The access rights system in the existing scenario is very poor and unsecured.

Proposed System:

The proposed document management system is just like the existing system, but with more features. It allows users to register into the system and log in directly from following time. So, it is secured and very user-friendly.

While users use the system via front end, there will be an administrator at the back end whose role is to monitor activities and tasks. Admins are assigned the task of maintaining all files and documents uploaded by the users. Users get fast access to their documents upon organization from the back end.

Here’s a sample screenshot of the project:

Online Document Management System Project
User Profile Page

Key Features:

  • Users can create any type of document.
  • Data in documents are given authentication functionality.
  • The file or document asked by the user can be retrieved in a very short time.
  • Access to documents is easy.
  • Documents can be sent for approval by other user.
  • Documents can be shared between users.
  • Users can search documents and files with their account or through the system.
  • Users can communicate with each other via messages.
  • The system provides a professional look and feel.

User Requirements:

  • Use of AJAX at least with all registration forms.
  • Use of graphical tool to show strategic data to admin.
  • For future extension, flexible service-based architecture is desirable.

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With the proposed online document management system, files and document creation, review, organization, sharing, and modification can all be done seamlessly. In addition to that, this application can generate periodical reports as per user requirements and operations.


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