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RSS Feed Reader or RSS aggregator management project is built with the objective of minimizing the delay between publication of new content on the web and its appearance at the aggregator. With this application, the latest postings/content on a website can be retrieved fast at the aggregator and such data is readily available to the users to read in short time.

Developed using Java programming language, RSS aggregator management system comes with new content monitoring policies for all RSS feeds. The complete source code and database of this project can be downloaded from the link below. (Reference link as project report.)

(The project documentation, report, project manual, project structure analysis (requirements, design, coding, testing, navigation flow and database tables), and paper presentation file are updated in this link.)

Download RSS Feed Reader Java Project


Download RSS Feed Reader (RSS Aggregator Management System) Project in Java with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation and ppt


RSS Feed Reader Project Synopsis:

The use of XML data to deliver information over the internet has drastically increased in recent times. Almost all news websites, personal web logs, and discussion forums now publish RSS feeds so that their subscribers can see the new web content easily.

RSS feed reader project simply investigates the way by which RSS aggregation services can monitor the web content to retrieve such data quickly using minimal resources, so that subscribers can get the news alerts in a short time.

In this project, effort has been made on “how to minimize the delay or time lapse between publication of new content on a web source and its appearance at the aggregator”. Aggregator management system is primarily focused on server-based aggregation scenario.

Existing System:

When we look at the existing aggregator management applications, it is seen that they use the traditional homogeneous Poisson model which is dependent on the particular data source (which is either webpage or RSS feed). This system cannot adapt with the regular changes in data source and there are no effective monitoring policies.

Proposed System:

The proposed system overcomes these limitations as it is implemented with new content monitoring policies. To evaluate the monitoring policies for RSS feeds, this project makes use of inhomogeneous Poisson process and delay matrices.

Functional Requirements:

  1. The aggregator should provide the information from various data sources to all users.
  2. The users should get the preferred data from the data sources.
  3. There should be minimum time delay so that the user can access data quick on feed.
  4. The RSS content should be monitored frequently.
  5. The aggregate content should be efficiently converted into browser viewable document.
  6. The aggregator management system should run effectively using minimal system resources.
  7. The retrieval time delay is to be minimum; for this the resources allocation should be optimum.

User Requirements:

  1. Professional look and feel.
  2. Use of AJAX.
  3. Browser testing and support for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  4. Reports exportable in XLS or any other desirable format.
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The problems related to RSS aggregator and minimization of delay between publishing on data source and appearance at aggregator have been studied in this project. This RSS feed reader or news aggregator system uses new RSS monitoring algorithms which is able to retrieve new data efficiently at the aggregator using minimal system resources.


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