Online IT Service Help Desk ASP.NET Project


Online IT Service Help Desk software is a web-based application developed using ASP.NET. The main objective/goal of this project is to provide better communication system in software companies so that their support system becomes effective, efficient, and reliable.

Complete source code cum necessary project files of this project can be downloaded from the link below. As project documentation/report are not available at the moment, refer the information discussed below as a synopsis of this project.

Download Online IT Service Help Desk ASP.NET Project with Source Code

Online IT Service Help Desk:

Online IT Service Help Desk Software

A software company is huge; it comprises of various departments, sub-departments, and offices. Inside a company, problems are solved only after interaction between different departments concerned with the particular problem. Hence, a good interaction between various departments is required.

For problem solving purposes, most of the software companies hire networking engineers whose role is to solve issues related to networking and installations. This task assigned to the engineers is often referred to as “Help Desk” assignment which will create a better system of communication and interaction between various departments.

So, the proposed web portal system, implemented using ASP.NET, is developed for software companies to enhance their support/communication system. Here, complains from employees and transfer request to a particular department is properly managed so that employees can complete their respective company works in a short time.

Modules Overview:

Online help desk web portal software will have accounts for administrator, network engineers, network management, team leaders and team members. Upon registration into the system, each user is given different access routes or permissions and forms.

  • Administrator: Admin of this system has a unique registration info (username and password) which is required to access the system. They will have options to change password, create employee, delete employee, modify employee details, view employees records, work on a master page, update profile, view profile, modify profile and view requests.
  • Team Leader: A project manager (team leader) is responsible for management of a specific project. The features of this module are approve action, reject action, raise request, request admin, track request, update profile, view team members, view profile and view requests.
  • Team Member: A particular team comprising of team members works under a project manager or team leader. The team members’ accounts will have access to change their password, delete action, delete request, raise request, request admin, track request, update profile, view all requests and view profile.
  • Network Manager: A network manager can assign actions, manage the system network, request admin for particular task, update profile, view profile and view requests.
  • Network Engineers: Network engineers will have access to change their password to log in to the system. Further, they can send request to admin, update profile, view profile and view requests.

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Upon the occurrence of a problem or issue in the system, the team members send details of the problem to the team leader. The team leader will then check the issues addressed and forward it to networking or admin for immediate action. Networking engineers are handed over the request to solve the issue; they take actions based on the urgency of the message and update status after the problem is fixed.


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