Mail Server Java Project


Mail Server is an internet-based communication software developed using Java programming language. This application helps the users connected in an intranet environment to communicate with electronic mails, and it handles all the works related to mails.

Java has been chosen to develop the mail server application as it enhances portability and flexibility of the system. Java supports security system as well; it overall increases the compatibility of the software by providing certain exception-handling mechanisms.

The complete Java source code, project report and documentation (in doc and pdf formats) of Intranet Mail Server are available in the download links. Presented below is a brief introduction to the project along with application screenshots; for detailed information, view the project report.

Download Mail Server Project in Java with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


Download Mail Server Project in Java with Source Code, Project Report and Documentation


About Intranet Mail Server Project:

Intranet Mail Server (IMS) is a system software that facilitates electronic mail service. The entire system is divided into two sub-systems or modules:

  1. Server module (user agent and mail transfer agent)
  2. Client module (user agent and mail transfer agent)

The client module in IMS has mailing client as Outlook Express. Some of the key features of Outlook used in in this system include unique signature per account, new data file type (.pst), unicode support, integration with Microsoft Windows Share Point services, POP enhancements, and a lot more.

The next module, server module is coded using Java Servlets. It implements the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to send and receive mails in a reliable and friendly manner.

Global Address Book (GAB) is a module-like feature in intranet mail service project. GAB is a centralized address book or data which can be accessed via a web browser from any PC or tablet in the intranet environment. It helps in improving management of different mail clients.

Being a mail service, IMS system has to follow and follows the specified Internet standards. The two protocols that have to be implemented for creating a mail application are:

  1. Post Office Protocol 3 (POP 3) and
  2. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

The two above are implemented in server module as well as client module. These protocols are nothing but specific set of commands used in both modules to create a communication bridge between themselves.

Proposed mail server project aims at reducing the manpower or human labor (in terms of time) required to transfer data within an organization or network. It is highly secure as compared to other mailing services as it is administered by an admin of the system with log in information.

Each user in the mail server is provided with an address book to store records related to address and mail ids. To store and view incoming messages, an inbox is maintained for all registered users. Users can also reply and forward the mails received to any specified address within the intranet network.


Creating Identity in Intranet Mail Server System
Creating Identity
Sending Message via Mail Server
Sending Message

System Specification/Requirements:

Software Requirements:

  • Operating System   :     Windows 2000
  • Language                  :     Java
  • Mailing Client          :     Outlook Express

Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor           :  Celeron 533 MHz
  • Hard Disk          :  Seagate 10GB (6800 RPM)
  • Memory             :  64MB RAM
  • Floppy Drive     :  1.44MB
  • Keyboard           :  Samsung Multimedia Keyboard
  • Mouse                :  Logitech Scroll Mouse
  • Monitor             :  15″ Samtron Color Monitor
  • Network Adapter Properly Configured for TCP/IP

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The proposed Intranet Mail Server software in Java is attractive, flexible and easy to use when it comes to sending and receiving electronic mails. It is user friendly and genuinely feasible.

The advantages and features aside, many new things can be added into this project to make it a better one. These include incorporating completely new features or modules as per user requirement. Adding, updating and deleting folders can be a good idea. Also, an E-group can be formed within the mail server system.


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