Client Server Communication System in ASP.NET


Client Server Communication system is a web-based project developed in ASP.NET. The project aims at facilitating the communication system between employees located at different parts or branches of an organization. It allows project leaders and administrators to communicate and keep constant interaction with programmers by sending messages using a chat feature and mailing application.

You can download the complete coding, database ppt, documentation, project report and other necessary project files of Client Server Communication from the download links in this post. Below, I have briefly introduced the project with its features and compared the existing system with the proposed system.

Download Client Server Communication Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


Download Client Server Communication Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


About Client Server Communication System:

In this project, the administrator can communicate with the project leaders and programmers and can also maintain the login time and logout time. They can chat about the on-going projects with both the programmers and project leaders. This project also maintains offline messages. The project leader can give instant report and details about the project to the administrator.

Through this Client Server communication system, whenever a user logs-in into the system, the login time is automatically recorded in the administrator’s system. The administrator can scan the present online users and send messages to single programmer, set of programmers, project leader or set of project leaders or all the employees  wherever they are located within the organization.

This system is fully integrated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as well as CMS (Content Management System). It has been developed in such a way that it is easily manageable, time saving and relieving one from manual works. It facilitates the user to concentrate more on the project and less on managing tedious manual tasks.


1. Sending Messages: In a large organization there are a set of programmers, project leaders and administrators. These programmers are spread through out the organization into various groups. Project leaders constantly need to interact with the programmers’ in-groups spread over the organization. It is easier to send messages to each and every programmer with this software.

2. Chatting: When a person wants to communicate with a colleague, they can use this service. If a person is online, then that person can communicate with the other person through the system even if they are located at different location of the organization.

3. Employee Hierarchy: The employee hierarchy in Client Server Communication system is of the order — Administrator >> Project Leaders >> Programmers.

4. Login and Logout Date/Time: When a user logs into the system, the login time is automatically recorded. Also, when the user logs out of the system, the logout time is automatically recorded. These login and logout time are monitored by the administrators/project leaders depending upon the hierarchy.

Existing System:

The existing system is manual system and needs to be converted into automated system. The existing system users are using third party public mail services for communication. Semi automated systems are connected through LAN but they are using data in local systems like Ms-Access or MS-Excel etc. In local data base there is no option for data security and data integrity.

The disadvantages or limitation of the existing system can be outlined as:

  • Risk of mismanagement of data.
  • Less security.
  • No proper coordination between different users.
  • Friendly for fewer users only.
  • Accuracy not guaranteed.
  • Not in reach of distant users.
  • Communication between users through mainly phone or by manual means.

Proposed System:

User friendliness is provided in the proposed Client Server Communication system with various controls. The system makes the overall project management much easier and flexible. There is no risk of data mismanagement at any level while the project development is under process. It provides high level of security with different level of authentications.

Users from any part of the world can make use of the system. New system will process accurate results. New system will be much better in performance as compared to existing one. The proposed system allows frequent interaction between administrator and the project members by using email and chat modules.


Client Server Communication Project in ASP.NET
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Client Server Communication Project
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Client Server Communication Project ASP.NET
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Client Server Communication Project in ASP.NET
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The Client Server Communication system in ASP.NET maintains frequent interaction between the administrator and the project leaders/programmers. It automatically records login/logout time of the users and maintain both online as well as offline messages. It tries to automate the entire process with database integration approach.


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