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An Email Client software is an email program developed to send and receive electronic mail. This proposed project is an Email Client application developed using Java and some Java APIs. Here, standard sockets and networking have been used in addition to Java Mail API. The protocols used in the project are SMTP, POP3; the latter one is used to collect the emails sent to our address.

This project is totally complete; all the resources and project materials are available for this project. You can access the source code, project report, database design, documentation, design details, ppt, and other necessary project files of Email Client Software from the download links in this post. Below is a brief overview of the project.

Download Email Client Software Project Java with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation and ppt


Download Email Client Software Project Java with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


Email Client Software Project Abstract:

Email Client Software Project in Java
System Architecture

The ISPs mail server handles the emails sent from an ISP (Internet Service Provider); the ISP mail server is similar to an electronic post office. The sent email first comes to the mail server; it is then processed and forwarded to the collector’s destination where another mail server is situated.

The collector mail server receives all the incoming emails and sorts them electronically in the collectors’ mailboxes. Then, the collector or the recipient of the email has to use their email program to pick up the email. This is done by directly connecting to the mail server through the program, and then the received items can be seen in the mailbox.

The problem with the existing Email Client System is that mailing is done through browser by using services like Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, etc. These systems use HTTP port 80 to access the emails, and the overall procedure here is not safe to send confidential messages. This existing system can be easily hacked by hackers, some data may be modified or even lost.

With the proposed Email Client Software, email client program is run on Java coding. It can be used to send/receive emails very securely. Additionally, the cost of mail client in the proposed system is less compared to the mail services.

System Specifications:

1. Hardware Requirements:

  • No of Systems    : 2 – Client & Server (Minimum)
  • Processor           : Intel P4 (Or equivalent)
  • Hard Disk          : 40 GB
  • RAM                   : 512 MB (minimum)
  • Network             : Standard Wired/Wireless network with either Ad-hoc or infrastructure mode

2. Software Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows, Linux
  • Software: Java SDK 2, Borland Net-Beans 6.0


Email Client Software Project Java
Mail Window
Email Client Software Messages

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This Email Client Software can be implemented to fulfill all the client requirements. The system interface is very user friendly, and the overall system has been successfully tested. It has a broad future scope as new features can be incorporated in the present proposed system. The system can be used for online sharing of data without the involvement of authority by which users can read message from any part of the world.



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