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Production Planning System is a web-based application developed in ASP.NET. The main aim of the project is to set up a communicating platform between production teams and sales teams in any manufacturing company. After the implementation of this project, the procedure of conducting sales transaction becomes fast, easy and efficient.

You can download the source code of this ASP.NET project on Production Planning System from the download link given in the post. At this moment the project report and documentation file are not available for download. To compensate the absence of project report, I have briefly described the project scopes and modules along with its features.

Download Production Planning System ASP.NET Project with Source Code


Download Production Planning System ASP.NET Project with Source Code


Production Planning System Project Abstract:

Industrialization is the basis of modern economy of all the nations. Every sector of the occupation such as agriculture, carpentry, manufacturing etc. is being industrialized to run them in a systematic and progressive way. This has carried a huge increase in production within the limited market.

Every industry has basically two components: first one is production team and second is sales team. These two components are correlated; production alone doesn’t make any sense without sales, and sales is not possible without production.

So, there must be an efficient connecting link between to components for beneficial operation of industry. The proposed system for Production Planning is an online tool to interconnect production management and sales management.


  • The proposed planning project is coded in ASP.NET as an online application.
  • It establishes an efficient communication between sales and production team for proper transaction of information.
  • The implementation of project balances the production of company and supply to market.
  • It is a three modules project in which all modules are interconnected with each other.

Modules Overview:

Administration module is the overall controller of the system. It is responsible for maintaining details of employee and associated departments along with looking after the other two modules of planning system for production. The tables that are contained in this module are login master, designation master, department master, power tool model master, raw material master, optimum quantity, etc.

Production module is responsible for production as per the demand and supply in the market. It is managed by production manager of the manufacturing company. The tables used in this module of the system are alerts, login master, forecast data, sales office master, power tool model master, sales order details, etc.

Sales Module helps to look for good market, and it maintains and collects the details of monthly sales. The sales manager is considered to be a certified user of this module. The  major tables used in this modules are login master, alerts, sales office master, sales order master, forecast master, forecast data, etc.


Production Planning System Project in ASP.NET
Login Form
Production Planning System Project
Employee Master

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Production Planning System is an internet based application developed to serve the manufacturing companies and industries for connecting sales and production team. It can be implemented in any small or large industry to meet their requirements. The growing industrialization around the globe indicates the increasing demand and scope of such a planning system in production companies.


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