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Online Mobile Recharge is a web-based application developed in ASP.NET to recharge mobile phones. The project focuses at providing an easy and reliable platform to recharge mobile of any telecommunication company through online without buying recharge card. The registered users of the system can recharge their prepaid mobile phones from anywhere at any time.

Below, I have briefly described the project abstract, features, system requirements etc. of this ASP.NET project on Online Mobile Recharge. From the download link given in the post, you can download the full project report and documentation for free. Currently, the source code, database and other project files are not available for download, so this project is just for reference purpose.

Download Online Mobile Recharge in ASP.NET with Project Report


Download Online Mobile Recharge in ASP.NET with Project Report


Online Mobile Recharge Project Abstract:

Online Mobile Recharge Project Report (ASP.NET)

The proposed project for recharging mobiles online is a web application developed to automate the mobile recharging process. It roots out the manual card system of recharge and introduces a new and genuine online recharge process. It can be used by costumer of any telecommunication company from anywhere.

The online mobile recharge system is beneficial to both the admins and users. Using the online application, the admin can add new tariff plans and update or modify the existing tariff plans. It helps the users in creating their account, and then recharging the mobiles phones at any time.

Existing System:

The existing manual recharge system has many drawbacks; it is time consuming, insecure, and there occurs problems like unavailability of recharge cards, etc. These drawbacks are creating a trouble in using mobile phones. And, one of solution to these problems is to facilitate online mobile recharge service.

Proposed System:

The process of online mobile recharge plays a vital role in the economy of telecommunication companies. The system doesn’t require any paper and printings to facilitate recharge service. The costumers can recharge their phone by logging on the official website of company from anywhere without any extra charge of recharge.


  • The proposed project is designed using ASP.NET with C# as the coding language.
  • The implementation of project serves both mobile costumers and service providers ( telecommunication companies).
  • Ease and comfort in getting information as per requirement.
  • Being programmed in .NET, it is more user friendly.
  • It has the capacity of recording and storing huge data. It maintains history of past as well as present recharges.
  • The proposed system of online mobile recharge reduces the paper works. So, it can be considered as economical and easier system of recharge.
  • It is very easy to maintain data and information about data volume usage.

Modules Used:

Basically, there are two modules in this project: the admin module and the user module. Expanding these two basic modules, there are following sub-modules:

  • Registration: It gives new connection to the customer along with customer id.
  • Recharge Information: It allows you to see the recharge product & their information.
  • Contact Us: It allows you to contact admin.
  • Forgot Password: It provides facility when customer forgets password.
  • Admin Login: It allows authenticated admin to enter the system.
  • Recharge Report: It allows admin to view various customer recharge details & also allows admin to delete customer recharge details.
  • Login: It allows authenticated users to enter the system.
  • How to Use: It provides information to the users on how use the system.
  • Sitemap: It provides information about all the links to the users.

System Requirements:

1. Software Requirements:

  • Front end: ASP.NET with C#
  • Back end: Oracle 10g

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor: Pentium3 and above.
  • Ram: 1GB or higher.
  • Hard Disk: 20GB

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This Online Mobile Recharge system is an internet based application designed with the purpose of facilitating easy, fast, efficient and reliable mobile recharging service. It can be used from anyplace with internet access at any time. All kinds of mobiles prepaid and postpaid can be recharged using this proposed system.



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