Mobile Shop Project in ASP.NET


Mobile Shop Project, developed in ASP.NET, is specially designed for mobile shops to automate the mobile selling process. The main aim of the project is to form a fast and reliable working platform to purchase mobile phones. The implementation of the project reduces the use of calculator and human resource in calculation along with the occurrence of error.

The complete source code, project report and documentation file of Mobile Shop Management (MSM) system can be accessed from the download link below. A brief introduction of the project abstract, features and system specifications has been presented below.

Download Mobile Shop Project in ASP.NET with full Source Code, Project Report & Documentation


Download Mobile Shop Project in ASP.NET with full Source Code, Project Report & Documentation


Mobile Shop Project Abstract:

The proposed ASP.NET project is the solution to current problems of mobile shop regarding the purchase and sales of mobile handsets. The system generates a software which lists outs the mobile sets available in the shop with its model number, battery number and other necessary details. It assists the shopkeeper in keeping the record of sales and stocks in the store.

Existing System:

Shopkeepers generally use calculators to calculate the total sales and use hand bills to keep the record of the available and sold products. This method of transaction is relatively time consuming, and sometime it leads to errors. In order to overcome these drawbacks of the existing system, a computerized system is needed.

With the development of technology, the utilization of computer is widened in many sectors. As it is easier and effective to promote the business using computer and internet, it is being more popular day by day in business sector. Since, it is not possible to explain all the features of mobile handsets in mobile shop, it is essential to implement computerized mobile shop project for enhancing shopping process.

Proposed System:

In comparison to the traditional manual system of mobile shop management, the proposed system is more economical. It reduces the number of salesman and bookkeepers in a shop. Also, it is easier to promote and advertise the mobile business using this system of management.


  • The proposed project has been developed using ASP.NET framework.
  • The software gives all the necessary details of the mobile phones below the image of handset.
  • The application keeps the record of all the purchased and stock handsets in the database.
  • It doesn’t make use of much memory of the system and displays the query in a supreme manner in only a single click.
  • The addition of Microsoft Access in the system has made it display the report without wasting much time.
  • It can be installed in any kind of mobile shop which makes use of computers.


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Purchase Detail in Mobile Shop
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System Specifications:

1. Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor:
    Minimum:     1.6 GHz
    Recommended:     2.2 GHz Pentium processor or higher CPU.
  • RAM:
    Minimum:         384 megabytes (MB)
    Recommended:    1024 MB or more RAM
  • Hard Disk: Up to 3.2 GB of available space may be required
  • DVD Drive: Required only for Installation
  • Display:
    Minimum:         1024×768 display
    Recommended:    1280×1024 display
  • Mouse: Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device

2. Software Requirements:

  • Operating System:
    Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Later SP
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional x64\SP2.
    Microsoft® Windows® VISTA or Windows® SEVEN
  • Visual Studio (Front-End):
    Install Internet Information Services (IIS).
    Install .NET Framework 2.0 and .NET Framework 3.0 or later.
    Install Visual Studio 2008.
  • MS-Access (Back-End):
    Install Microsoft Access 2003 or 2007.

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This Mobile Shop Project in ASP.NET is a management software developed to computerize the different operations in mobile shop. With some extra effort, the project can be made an online application which can be used to promote and sell mobile handsets online.

The project is economical as well as flexible to use. Various new features and functions can be incorporated into the system as per the requirements of the mobile shop.



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