Stock Management System Java Project


Stock Management System is a web-based application developed using Java programming language. The main objective of this project is to manage a stock for a company or organization, and take care of sales and purchase of products. This project includes various modules and features to add, edit, view and delete stock-management-related things in the system database.

You can download the complete source code and necessary files of this project from the link below. The project report and documentation are not available for download at the moment; if found, they will be updated in the the download links. The project abstract and features have been briefly introduced below.

Download Stock Management System Java Project


Download Stock Management System Java Project with Source Code


Stock Management System Project Abstract:
Stock Management System Java Project

Existing System:

The existing Stock Management procedure is a manual one which run with pen and paper. It is very time consuming and uneconomical for an organization. Data organization is not effective and efficient in the current system, and there is more risk of data mismanagement.

Proposed System:

To overcome the drawbacks and limitations of the existing system, this Stock Management System software is proposed. It is a more efficient web application developed using Java and HTML. This application is more effective for stock data management; the data is more secured and can be accessed easily.

Modules Overview:

There are various modules and features that make up this project. The system module begins with the login page; here, the admin logs into the system by entering the valid username and password. The admin can control the following features:

  1. Enter stock
  2. View stock
  3. Dispatch stock
  4. Shift stock

The information that can be added into the system are category, customer details, purchase, sales print, stock details, stock entries, stock entries payments, stock sales payments, stock sales, supplier details, UOM, and more. The system also allows the admin to check customer details, sales details, stock details, supplier details, and more.

Stock Management System also includes functions to print payment receipt, and view purchase reports, sales reports, sales stock report. The admin can delete stock entry and stock sales, edit purchase and stock sales.

Through the system, customer details, payments, stock availability, stock details, stock entries payments, stock sales payments, and supplier details can be viewed. Updating can be done on customer details, stock details, stock entries, stock sales and supplier details.

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Stock Management System Project is developed as a web-based project to meet the current stock management demands of an company or organization. The system can be accessed from anywhere with the internet. New features and modules can be incorporated into the system as per the user requirements.


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