Online Book Store Java Project


Online Book Store Project is a web-based application in Java, developed mainly for bookstores and shops to computerize the book purchasing process. This project aims at creating an efficient and reliable online book selling and buying platform. After the implementation of project, one can inquire and buy any book available in the store from anywhere.

You can download the full source code in Java and other necessary document files of the project from the link below. In this post, I have briefly explained the scope and features of proposed project on Online Bookstore along with its installation process.

Download Online Book Store Project in JAVA with Source Code


Download Online Book Store Project in JAVA with Source Code


Online Book Store Project Abstract:

Online Bookstore Project in Java

With the development of technology, the use of computers and internet is growing rapidly in all the sectors. The working mechanism in all the stores, shops, companies, industries etc. is under the process of digitalization and computerization. And, one of the most influenced sectors is way of purchasing books, electronic devices and other stuffs.

As this web-based bookstore application helps both the buyer and the seller, it is beneficial to both of them. It saves the time of buyer by providing access to bookstore from anywhere and facilitating the home delivery service. The use of the proposed online software keeps the record of sold and stock books automatically in the database.


The key features of online bookstore project are listed below:

  • Language: The project has been coded in Java programming language.
  • Security: Only registered users can access the database to check the online orders and paying details. Each of the authenticated user has a unique log in information consisting username and password.
  • Comfortable to Use: One can go through books based on price, title, category etc.
  • Flexibility: The hosting book store and manage the module as its requirement. It provides the feature of adding, removing and modifying the book details etc.
  • Reliable: The ordered books are delivered to doorsteps of buyer within the specified time.
  • Fast and Efficient: Online orders of books are instantly notified to store manager and other officials. Then, the selected books are sent to the specified location.

How to Run Online Book Store?

  1. Download the file from the download link given in the post.
  2. Unzip the file into webapps directory of Tomcat installation directory.
  3. Using SetClassPath.Bat file, include oracle driver classes in class path of Tomcat.
  4. Crete an account (OBS) in Oracle with password OBS.
  5. Make a table as per requirement with the help of SQL file.
  6. Check if Oracle and Tomcat are running or not.
  7. Create ejb in Order directory of OBS directory.
  8. Execute the application using http://localhost:8080/obs
  9. Copy order_client.jar from CLIENTCLASSES directory into LIB directory of WEB-INF of OBS.
  10. Now, you can see the log in page of the application.

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This Online Book Store Project in Java is just an attempt to computerize the book purchasing procedure from book store. The generated software from the project is highly flexible; new features and functions can be incorporated into the application as per requirements of the bookstore.


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