Online Quiz System Java Project


Online Quiz System is a web-based application in Java. The main aim of this project is to create a discussion platform consisting of quiz questions on different topics, fields and subjects. Online Quiz system facilitates a user-friendly environment of Bluebook implementation, and the project overall manual effort. Those who are looking forward to taking mock tests may find this project very useful for practicing mock quiz tests.

You can download all the necessary project files including project source code in Java, ppt, project manual, full project documentation and other files of online quiz system project from the download link in this post. Here, I’ve briefly introduced the scope, functional requirements, software configuration and limitations of this project.

Download Online Quiz System Java Project


Download Online Quiz System Java Project with Source Code and Project Diagrams


Online Quiz System Project Abstract:

Being a web-based project, the proposed quiz system aims at providing an online comprehensive platform for management of quiz competitions as well as the individuals participating in quiz as a team. The users of the system include administrators, industrialists, institutions, organizations, academicians, and others.

The project provides accessibility to the admins with valid user id and password. The user id and password are required for the admin to “log in” to the application.

In Online Quiz system project, ‘N’ number of teams can be created and they can participate in a competition. Also, ‘N’ number of rounds can be played to finally declare a team as the winner. The teams with lower average marks are eliminated, and remaining teams compete in the next level. This process continues in the next round until the winner is declared.

Participants are automatically given questions, and this is based on time limit. If the participant is unable to answer the question, negative marking is given. There is also a provision of rapid fire round.

The scores obtained by each team are automatically updated. The task of handling of negative marking is done by the administrator. Furthermore, viewing and deleting the quiz results as well as automatic elimination of teams depending on their performance can be done.

Screenshots and Diagrams:

Online Quiz System Project in Java

Online Quiz System Project in Java
Class Diagram
Online Quiz System Project in Java
User Case Diagram

To run this project:

  • Download the latest version of Eclipse software.
  • Download and install MySQL.
  • Install J2EE.
  • Windows XP.
  • Rational Rose is used for design purpose.

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Security is one of the limitations of Online Quiz System project. The application is basically used to test the talent and is not for learning purpose. A couple of enhancements that can be done to this online quiz system project are implementation of more rounds and use of J2ME to provide high security.

Besides that, the system is very reliable, flexible, and efficient. New modules, features, and components can be easily integrated into the system as per user requirements to make this project a even better one.



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