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In formal education system, examination is the widely accepted method of evaluation of students. Every school, university or any academic institute organizes formal examination to measure the knowledge and skills of its student gained during academic session. But, the current examination system is traditional and is not so effective. This online examination management system project is a proposal for a new system for taking and giving exams.

Online Examination Management System is an online application developed in Java programming language. You can download the complete Java source code, project report, PPT, documentation and other necessary project files of this web-based project from the download links provided in this post.

Download Online Examination Management System Project in Java


Download Online Examination Management System Java Project with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


About Online Examination Management System:

Existing System:

In the existing system, all works are done manually. There are chances of committing errors and it will take more time to perform any transaction. There are so many limitations in the existing system. If the system is carried over manually for every transaction it will take more time making it difficult to take immediate decisions.

Furthermore, it is difficult to find where the problem is occurring or has already occurred. The following are the major disadvantages of current examination management system:

  • Existing system is not user friendly.
  • System is not well organized and precise.
  • It is time consuming.
  • Information is redundant and inconsistent.
  • It didn’t integrate all the modules.
  • Decision making is difficult.
  • It is not very cost effective.


The online application creates an inter-link among three modules of this software: user, administrator and institution. In this Online Examination Management System, user implies to the students who take exam. Administration is the one who maintains the information and data of the registered users. Institutions can not directly register in the system but they set questions and answers.

The proposed system overcomes all the drawbacks of the existing examination system. Being an online application it can be accessed from anywhere. It is fast, efficient and economical.

The main features of this project is listed as follows:

  • It overcomes the limitations of the existing system by providing the user the facility of choosing the exam he wants to take.
  • It saves time and money of both the examiner and the examinee.
  • Online Evaluator will be user friendly.
  • This system will maintain the information of the users who are registered, who took the exams and what results they achieved.
  • It will also maintain information about questions and answers.
  • It automates the process of evaluating the answers sheets and issuing of results.
  • At the end of the exam, it will display the exam summary consisting of number of questions answered, number of correct answers, number of wrong answers, number of left answers and the final result of the exam, i.e. whether the user passed the exam or not.


Online Examination Management System
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Online Examination Management System in Java
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Online Examination Management System project in Java
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To sum it up, this online examination management system in Java mainly focuses on taking examination without any paper and pen. In the proposed system, with minimum cost, time and manpower, examination can be conducted and this can prove to be very effective overall. New features and modules can be integrated into the system as per user requirements in future.


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