Search Engine Application in PHP


Nowadays, Search Engines are the most widely used web applications for searching any related documents on the internet. Web crawler or search engines provide access to a large collection of information available on the web in an effective manner.

This Search Engine Application in PHP is a web-based search engine developed as a simple application project. Here, based on the keywords searched by the users, the search engine displays links relevant to the keywords.

In this application, based on the keyword searched by the user, a large number of results are displayed by the search engine. But if the same keyword is searched from another search engine application, the results may not be same. You can download the complete source code, images, database and other necessary project files of Search Engine Application from the download links provided in this post.

Download Search Engine Application in PHP with Source Code


Download Search Engine Application in PHP with Source Code


Search Engine Application Project Abstract:

Search Engine Application in PHP

The application aims at providing more efficient and faster searching platform on the web. It manipulates a large volume of data and constantly keeps on changing indexing and searching pages searched with the keyword. Finally, the PHP search engine application displays the sites with the best matched articles at the top of the search-results page.


The search application has been worked out to make it similar to the famous search engines such as Google and Bing to some extent. The following extra features of the search engine have made it more effective, fast and reliable.

  • It has high analysis frequency of key word.
  • It explains basic indexing and search mechanism of a web crawler.
  • This application is restricted to educational and academic information only.
  • It provides many different alternatives for customized search using Boolean operators, wildcards, etc.
  • Out of the number of matched documents, the Search Engine Application displays the most visited or popular links on the top.
  • The web application suggests you the most searched keyword when you start typing the keyword.
  • The search results for a keyword shown in this application may not be same as the search results shown for the same keyword on other search engines.


For today’s generation, the use of computer and internet can be considered as a basic need. Computers and internet is used at home, school, college, office, industry, etc. for various purposes of communication, entertainment, data sharing, searching the documents, and many more.

Also, during the course of studying or working it becomes necessary to know about many relevant information, history reviews, present condition, etc. about the subject or field. Keeping this in mind, this Search Engine Application in PHP has been built. As the application is executed, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is displayed with indexer, proxy, crawler and the list of site features on top-right corner.

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In this rapid growth of information and technology especially in web, there is the vital role of a Search Engine Application. Although, websites are the most efficient means to spread or convey the information about a particular field, web alone without a search engine is functionless. This search engine application in PHP provides just a typical search engine platform.


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