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Online College Management System is a web-based project developed using PHP programming language. The project/website aims at displaying results and attendances of students along with events, news, assignments, and other activities of the college. It provides an online platform where all students, parents and teachers can have complete information about the college and its events.

The complete source code, project report, documents and other necessary files of Online College Management System can be accessed from the download links in this post. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project with its features, modules, limitations and comparison of existing and proposed college management system.

Download Online College Management System Project in PHP with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Online College Management System Project in PHP with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


About Online College Management System:

Existing System:

In existing college Management System, some works can be done manually but some cannot be done because it is time consuming and cumbersome. The present system works in ASP.Net; it is HTML based static website. The static website only displays college information such as college history, courses offered, contact details, faculties and management details.

The static web site of college does not maintain the information regarding no. of years or semesters in each course, students’ details in each semester, subjects of each semester, exam and result details of each students, etc. There is no provision of dynamic management of news, events and notices. The drawbacks of existing Online College Management system are listed out in the project report.

Proposed System:

Being a web-based project, this proposed Online College Management PHP Project is a dynamic website which is very easy to understand. With easy interface, anyone can easily work in the website. The website provides all details of the college including courses, subjects, events, news, attendances, results, notices, and more.

A College Management web project like this eradicates the need to perform paper works to make mark sheets and publish the mark sheet on notice board. With this system, mark sheets can be made on MS Excel and then uploaded on the website.

Students don’t need to go through notice boards to view their results; they can easily view all their results cum attendance info on the website. To make the website work effectively, PHP has been used as the Development Platform and MySQL as the Database Management Environment.

Modules Overview:

Three categories of modules have been featured in Online College Management System. They are:

1. Admin Module: Admins can add new course, modify existing course or remove the existing course. This module also provides searching tools to search the courses by different fields, course names, course ids, etc. This module also provides the facility to upload details of attendance, result, time table, exam papers, etc; these are outlined below:

  • Course details
  • Semester, subject details
  • Student, faculty details
  • Exam result, attendance details
  • Event, news details
  • Upload various documents

2. Faculty Module:

  • Edit profile
  • View own subject attendance and result
  • Upload own subject assignment

3. End-User Module:

  • View course and subject details
  • View events and fresh news
  • View college information
  • View black list
  • View own result and attendance
  • Download assignments and time table


Despite the scope, features and modules aforementioned, there are a few limitations in Online College Management System Project. These are listed below:

  • The system requires knowledgeable person for effective handling.
  • The system does not cover the online fees collection and online admission.
  • This system doesn’t provide library management facility.
  • The system is web-based application, so internet facility is required.
  • For data storage large number of memory is used by the system on the web.


Online College Management System Project in PHP
BBA Exam Timetable
Online College Management System Project in PHP
Online College Management System Project PHP
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Some future enhancements or rooms for improvements in Online College Management System include addition of Online Accounting System, good backup facilities and restoring facilities. Further, new modules can be added in the system as the system is very flexible. Also, online student admission feature with the provision of paying tuition fees online can be incorporated into this System.


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    Download Online College Management System Project in PHP with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation

    Download Online College Management System Project in PHP with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation!

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