Event Management System Java Project


Event Management System is developed as a web-based application developed in Java programming language. It facilitates online registration cum feedback evaluation for different kinds of events such as games, workshops, and seminars. The project’s main objective is to control or manage the activities and duties to be preformed by various event conductors such as attendees, organizers, event reviewers, and authors.

You can access the complete source code and project files of Event Management System in Java from the download links in the post. The project report and documentation are not available for download at the moment; if found, they will be updated in the download link. Below, I’ve briefly discussed the project abstract, modules, and system requirements.

Download Event Management System Java Project with Source Code


Download Event Management System Java Project with Source Code


Event Management System Project Abstract:

Existing System:

In the existing system, there is a lot of pater work; it is very time consuming and uneconomical as most of the works include manual processing. The records are difficult to store in manual system, and it requires more manual labor work.

Proposed System:

In the proposed event management system, everything is web-based. This will immediately reduce the manual processing, thereby increasing the speed of event management process. There are various functions and modules in the system to perform various features. This overall increases management productivity, eliminate paper works, reduce manpower, and prove to be very economical in the long run.


Event Management System being a web-based project, it is very simple, easy to use and flexible. The key features or functions of the project are:

  • Registration of participating students
  • Scheduling meeting
  • Inviting participants via email
  • Canceling events
  • Collecting feedback from students
  • Recording attendance details from faculty members
  • Generating various feedback reports

Modules Overview:

Event Management System is a three modules project. The modules in the project are: Administrator Module, Student Module and Faculty Module.

  1. Administrator Module: This  modules handles systems such as uploading events, verifying events registration and deleting events. Administrator is provided with forms/pages to login or logout of the system.
  2. Student Module: Besides login and logout, student module includes features such as event registration, viewing events and checking events status.
  3. Faculty Module: Like the other two modules, the faculty module is provided with the features to login and logout of the system. Besides that, this module includes register, view events, and view registered students options.


Event Management System Project meeting schedule
Schedule a Meeting
Event Management System Project in Java event scheduling
Schedule an Event
Event Management System Project user's profile
Edit User’s Profile

System Requirements:

1. Software Specifications:

  • Technology     : Java, jdbc and jsp
  • Database         : MYSQL
  • OS                    : Windows XP
  • Browser          : Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Web Server    : Tomcat Apache 5.0

2. Hardware Specifications:

  • HDD                  : 512MB
  • RAM                  : 256MB
  • Micro Processor Pentium-p4
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

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The development of this Event Management System Project is to address and eradicate the problems in the current event management procedure. Here, management of registration form, receiving feedback forms, and evaluation of feedback is done very efficiently as a result of which the project has a good scope.



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