Civil Registration System ASP.NET Project


Civil Registration System is a web-based application developed in ASP.NET to computerize the different governmental facilities regarding civil registration provided to the public. This project facilitates the public digital computerized identity cards of various governmental departments from a single source. The project is a practical implementation of ASP.NET framework with combination of SQL server database.

Below, I have briefly described the features and abstract of ASP.NET project on Civil Registration System. You can download the source code, project report, database details, and other necessary project files of this project from the download links in the post.

Download Civil Registration System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Civil Registration System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Civil Registration System Project Abstract:

The proposed project on Civil Registration System in ASP.NET is an online software developed to enhance and improve governmental services to its citizens. The implementation of this project in government departments brings simplicity and comfort in applying application for different services such as citizenship, passports, driver’s license, etc. It makes various civil registration services fast, efficient, and reliable.

For the proper functioning of any government, a large number of records of citizens need to be stored in official government departments. Further, the recorded data of people are required to be updated in accordance with new registration. This creates a need of an automated system of registration.

The manual system of Civil Registration is really tedious and time consuming. As it requires huge number of papers and manpower, obviously, it is uneconomical as well. For a simple birth or death registration, one has to waste whole day to visit the government office. In order to overcome these drawbacks of manual system, proposed system is designed to work online which can be browsed from anywhere.

As the use of computer and internet is rapidly growing all over the world, the computerized system are more preferred and expected to be more efficient. This proposed project is a similar highly efficient computerized web-based software.


  • It is developed using ASP.NET framework with SQL server database.
  • It helps the government in computerization of civil registration procedure and digitalization of official cards such as citizenship, ration card, voter card, etc.
  • It reduces the manual official works, and is less time consuming.
  • It can be browsed easily from anywhere with the facility of internet access.
  • It reduces the use of papers and workers in government offices. So, it improves the economic condition of government offices.

How Civil Registration System Works:

After the complete installation of system in government departments, citizens should register with application to get username and password. After having authenticated username and password, the citizen is considered to be an official user and can use the system.

When the user is logged in the system, a list of official registration such as birth registration, PAN card application, passport application, etc. is displayed in the browser window. Out of these options, user should choose an appropriate one they’re trying to register into the system. Then, a form appears which is to be filled up by user. Finally, click the submit bottom and wait for official approval of the entered data.


Civil Registration System Project services
System Services
Civil Registration System Project birth registration
Birth Registration
Civil Registration System Project passport
Passport Application Form

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You can find detailed description of Civil Registration System in the project report available in the download file. To conclude, this project computerizes the various registration system in government offices and digitalizes the official cards provided to the citizens. The growing use of internet and the current uneconomical, time consuming manual registration system makes up for the good scope of this web-based project.


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