Appointment Scheduler ASP.NET Project


Appointment Scheduler is a web-based software application developed in ASP.NET and various other technologies of .NET. The project aims at managing daily appointments in companies, enterprises and businesses. It is targeted for people such as business personals, employees, officers, etc. who need to keep record of all daily meetings; this online web software helps in effective management of their time.

You can download the complete source code, database details and other necessary project files from the download links in this post. The project report and documentation of this project is not available at the moment; if found they will be updated in the post. However, there is a Read Me file available in the download; it is like an abstract of this project and includes full execution procedure of this project.

Download Appointment Scheduler ASP.NET Project with Source Code and Project Synopsis


Download Appointment Scheduler ASP.NET Project with Source Code and Project Synopsis


About Appointment Scheduler Project:

Appointment Scheduler Project ASP.NET

In ASP.NET Appointment Scheduler, users are required to register into the system with an application. Then, they can add, edit and update the appointment schedules after registration. The entire system works all around the world, provided there is internet service. It includes adding notifications feature by which SMS can be sent about upcoming appointment’s date and time.

Being a web-based project, Appointment Scheduler System allows registered users to store appointments in the web page of this project. This application uses various technologies of .NET such as ASP.NET 3.5, C# coding language, VB.NET 2008, SQL Server 2005, and many more.

Here, ADO.NET is used to access the system database and all database manipulations are performed with stored procedures. The Appointment Scheduler System is very secured as membership and login controls are incorporated into the system. It uses master page and themes, and Sitemap is used for site navigation. You can find more about the project in the project abstract available in the download file as Read Me.

The main aim of Appointment Scheduler is to help in appointment management, effective time management and keep track of meetings. Adding, searching, modifying and deleting appointments are main tasks involved in this system.


The key features of this proposed project are listed below. Many new features can be added into the system to make it more enhanced.

  • User Registration cum Login/Logout
  • Username and Password for overall system security
  • Change password and password recovery facilities
  • Add new appointments
  • View list of all appointments
  • Search for appointments
  • List all upcoming/future appointments by date
  • View list of users in Appointment Scheduler System
  • Modify existing appointment details
  • Delete existing/upcoming appointments

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Note: In the project synopsis file available in the download file, there is full step-by-step execution procedure to download, setup and run this Appointment Scheduler Project. The project report and documentation of this project if found will be updated in the download links.

The proposed system is very good from the point of view of economy, flexibility, and reliability. New modules, features, and components can be easily added into the Appointment Scheduler application as per user requirements in future.


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