Payroll Management System ASP.NET Project


Payroll Management System is a web-based application developed using ASP.NET for front-end design, C#.NET for coding, and SQL Server 2000 for back-end database. This system maintains employee information and records including salary reports, leave reports, time sheet management, and work sheet records, providing a transparent, clear, and user-friendly administration.

The complete source code and database files of payroll management project is available in the download link below. The project report, documentation, and ppt are not with us at the moment, but you can refer the project introduction provided here as project synopsis.

Download Payroll Management System in ASP.NET with Source Code and Database

Payroll Management System Project Abstract:

Payroll Management System in ASP.NET

Payroll management software is the need and necessity of every organization and its human resource systems. With payroll management. the employee information and their salary details are efficiently managed to satisfy the needs of both the employees and the administrator.

Proposed System:

This being a web-based application is very easy to access from anywhere with internet. Data and records are managed in centralized database. Data is secure and easy to retrieve, store, and analyze, so chances of miscalculations and occurrence of error are very less.

The services provided by the proposed payroll management system are payroll checks and reports (salary report and leave report), time sheet, and tax reports. It processes monthly payroll in shortest time frame and keeps employees updated on their statutory obligation. It has an easy to use interface which makes it easy to analyze different aspects included in employees’ salary.

The employee information handling and time sheet management is the responsibility of the administrator. Admin issues a specific id to the employees and staffs with which employees are required to register into the system and submit their particulars.

This system itself updates based on whatever is required or requested from the user-end. In existing traditional and manual system the chances of error occurrence would be very high, but this being an online computerized application, gives users alert messages, helps, and warnings on whatever required or requested.

Technology Used:

  • Coding Language: C#.NET
  • Front-end Design: ASP.NET
  • Back-end Database: SQL Server 2000

Modules Overview:

Payroll management system is a three-modules project. These modules are briefly described below:

1. Login: This simple module allows administrator and employees to log in to the system with their unique user ids – username and password.

2. Employee: Employees can log in to payroll system using their specific user ids. They can analyze salary and deductions such as tax, loan, etc for every month. With this module employees can interact with the system administrator, manage profiles, and generate pay slip report.

The forms or sub-modules under employee module are:

  • New employee registration: New employees are required to log in to the system by filling out this form.
  • Update employee: This form allows employees to update their profile.
  • Apply leave: This form can be used by employees to ask for leave. It contains information such as no. of days, reasons for applying leave, apply date, and leave date.
  • View salary report: Employees can view their salary report along with deductions via this form.
  • Check leave: The status of the leave asked for or applied is displayed by this form.
  • Work sheet: Employees can enter work of a particular day.
  • Forgot password: Employees can retrieve the password if they ever forget password to log in to the system.

3. Administrator: The admin module is responsible for handling employee information and their salary details. Admins have full access to add, delete, modify, and update various aspects of the payroll system. Like the employee module, they can generate pay slip reports and interact directly with employees via mail.

The forms under administrator module are:

  • Delete employee: This form allows admin to delete the record of an employee registered into the payroll system, based on the employee’s id used upon registration.
  • Time sheet: With this form, admin can generate a time sheet for employees.
  • Salary report: With this form, admin can generate salary report for employees.
  • Leave report: The leave applied by employees are displayed and seen by the admin with the help of this form. Admin is responsible for managing the leaves and updating the status to the employees.
  • Search work sheet: With this form, admin can see and search employee work sheets.

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This payroll management system as an application has it all to satisfy the current needs and demands of any organization, its employees and administrators. The system calculates salary as per the norms, rules, and regulations of a particular organization. It is very flexible and adaptable to changing user requirements, so new features and modules can be easily incorporated into the system in future if required.


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