Human Resource Management System VB.NET Project


Human Resource Management system is a VB.NET project developed for software companies to help them in resource allocation and management. The main aim of the project is to manage and update the employee details in the company along with computerization of recruitment process. The implementation of project forms an effective managing platform in the software companies.

The full source code, database and other necessary documents for this project can be accessed from the download links in this post. At this moment, full project report is not available for download. Refer the description below to understand what the project is about.

Download Human Resource Management System VB.NET Project with Source Code and Database


Download Human Resource Management System VB.NET Project with Source Code and Database


Human Resource Management Project Abstract:

Human Resource Management Project

Human resource management is an ultimate solution of problems regarding employee management in software companies. The proposed project forms a bridge between human resource department and development department in software companies. It automates all the managing operations regarding human resource.

With the development of technology, the human effort in different companies and industries is being replaced by machines and software. But, whatever software or machine is developed, human resource is essential and plays a vital role in operation of machines and software. As a result, a scientific and systematic system of human resource management is required.

The proposed project performs all the employee related management works such as update, deletion and modification of employee details, employee payroll details, recruitment management details, etc. It provides a strong security for the protection of data in the system database.


The key features of Human Resource Management software are:

  • The project has been coded in VB.NET programming using MS access database.
  • The application provides the facility of secured log in and registration.
  • The software has a searching feature to look for any data quickly and efficiently.
  • It generates the payroll report with detailed salary slips.
  • The admin and authorized user can add, delete and modify the information in the database.
  • The list of employees and their details can be viewed at any time.

Modules Used:

In order to specify the function of module clearly, each module has been named such that the name of the module represents its function. Human resource management is a twelve-modules project; the modules are listed below:

  • Employee Update Module
  • Employee Delete Module
  • Employee Modify Module
  • Employee Payment Detail Module
  • Work Allocation Detail Module
  • Offshore Detail Module
  • Recruitment Information Module
  • Short listed Candidate Module
  • Project Allocation Module
  • Experience Module
  • Education detail Module

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The implementation of the proposed project on human resource management reduces the number of management staffs in software company so that the annual budget of the company is effectively minimized. This project can easily work with new features and modules added in the system as per the user requirements.


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