TimeSheet Management System ASP.NET Project


Timesheet management system is a software application developed using ASP.NET programming platform. The main aim of this project is to help software companies and other enterprises to complete tasks in a given time. With timesheet management system, manager and employees can study work progress reports on a daily basis and analyze the time available to complete the given task or project.

Only the source code, database and project files of Timesheet Management System ASP.NET project is available with us as the moment; they can be accessed from the links for download in this post. The project reports, docs, ppt, etc. of this project if found will be updated in the download links.

Download TimeSheet Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code and Database


Download TimeSheet Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code and Database


About Timesheet Management System:

TimeSheet Management System Project

Timesheet Management system simply helps software companies to complete the given tasks, projects or works in scheduled time. As a part of the timesheet management process, open ERP which is used by most software companies, is incorporated into this proposed system. This helps managers and employees to allocate work and finish/release work/project in the given time.

In the system, there are three main modules. The time consumed or allocated for completing each task/project of the company will be updated to the database by the employees performing their respective duties under different modules. As there are many projects, client works and company tasks to be carried out, the total time required for completing these tasks are to be updated.

Modules Overview:

  • Employee Module: The key features included under this module are employee change, enter timesheet, edit timesheet, update timesheet, view timesheet and delete timesheet. This module is handled by the employees.
  • Manager Module: This module is handled by the company managers; this allows the managers to view employee time sheets and releases. The key features here are allocate, change password, release and update.
  • Admin Module: This module is handled by the administrators. It provides admins the features such as adding new projects and viewing timesheet of all projects. The forms in this module are adding, billing, pro billing, approve action, update and view project.

The requirements of this project includes ASP.NET as the front end and SQL Server as the database. The required project files including source code files and database details can be found from the download links in this post.

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This timesheet management system has a sound scope from the point of view of flexibility, economy, and reliability. New features, components, and modules can be easily integrated into the system as per user requirements in future.


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