Hospital Management System ASP.NET Project


Hospital Management System is a web-based application developed using ASP.NET, C#.NET, and SQL server database. This project is fully automated and aims at providing effective management services in hospitals by controlling information such as patient details, staff schedules, operating room schedules, room availability, and patient invoices.

You can download the complete source code, documentation, project report, screenshots, database files, and necessary project files from the link below. Presented here is a brief introduction to the project; refer the project report in the download file for detailed description.

Download Hospital Management System ASP.NET Project with Source Code, Database, Project Report, and Documentation

About Hospital Management System:

Hospitals require acquisition, management, and timely retrieval of information in various forms. It should control information areas particularly related to patient details, room availability, staffs and room schedules, doctors’ and nurses’ schedules, patient invoices, etc.

Existing System:

The existing system is manual – largely paper based and lacks standards. All the information need to be recorded in paper which is very a very tedious and time taking task that cannot be implemented in big hospitals. In addition to large paper work, it requires manpower in similar quantity, so the existing system is very uneconomical.

Proposed System:

The proposed hospital management system project is developed keeping the aforementioned things in mind. It aims at effective management of hospitals in a very efficient, economical, and reliable manner such that the tradition paperwork basis of work system is eradicated utilizing less human resource.

All the information in HMS are managed efficiently so that the hospitals resources are effectively utilized. The data management is very secure and user friendly – can be controlled by a single administrator in small hospitals. The proposed system features standardization of data, consolation of data reducing inconsistencies and ensuring data inconsistency.

Modules Overview:

There are six major modules in hospital management system project. These are briefly introduced below; refer the project report for detailed description:

Administrator: This module is handled by an admin from the back-end of the system. They are responsible for managing the entire web application and mastering entry details for hospital requirement such as doctor specialization, consultation fees and details, service charges, etc. The list of forms under this module are:

  • Doctor type
  • Doctor master
  • Referral doctor
  • Employee
  • Employee detail recording

Registration: With the help of this module, patients are registered into the hospital and a unique user id is generated for all registered patients. It also manages medical history of the patient and handles both OPD and IPD patient’s queries.

Reception: This modules is responsible for handling inquiries regarding patient’s admission and discharge details, patient’s room transfer within hospital, bed census, and other similar things. It keeps track of things such as:

  • Doctor appointment schedule
  • Doctor visit schedule
  • Patient inquiry
  • History of a patient admitted to the hospital

Pharmacy: This module is responsible for handling medical items and supplies in hospital. It keeps track of requirements of both OPD and IPD pharmacy. The list of forms under this module are:

  • Item master
  • Receipt of medicines
  • Issue of medicines
  • Material return entry
  • Generate retail bills
  • Stock handling

Laboratory: With this modules, maintenance of investigation requests by patients can be enabled. Further, it enables result generation of various tests and services such as clinical pathology, X-ray, ultrasound tests, etc. This modules works in co-ordination of other modules such as wards modules, billing modules, and in-patient/out-patient registration.

Discharge Summary: This modules handles generation of patient’s discharge summary that contains information such as medical history of the patient, drug prescriptions, diagnosis and tests, patient’s illness details, and time of discharge.

Project Screenshots:

Hospital Management System in ASP.NET - Home Page
Home Page
Hospital Management System - In-patient Registration
In-patient Registration
Hospital Management System - Patient Info
Patient Info

System Requirements:

Hardware Specification:

  • Pentium-IV(Processor).
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 512 KB Cache Memory
  • Hard disk 10 GB
  • Microsoft Compatible 101 or more Key Board

Software Specification:

  • Operating System :           Windows XP
  • Programming  language:   .NET
  • Web-Technology:               ASP.NET 2.0
  • Front-End:                          C#.NET
  • Back-End:                           Sql Server 2000
  • Web Server:                        IIS

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This hospital management system project is very flexible to incorporate future modifications, modules, and features as per user requirements. It provides a very user friendly graphical interface, give access based on user registration, overcomes delay in communication, and overall updating information is much easier with a web-based system such as this.

Future enhancements that can be applied to the proposed system are more user friendly and effective user registration, log in, request for consulting the doctor, and doctor appointments. Further, the system can be modified in such a way that patients can communicate their problem to the doctor from their home through internet.



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