E Health Care Management System Java Project


Named “Corporate Medicare Management”, this E Health Care Management System is a web-based project developed in Java. The main aim of this project is to provide effective management of data related to staffs and patients in hospitals or clinics. This project utilizes data mining concept develop an efficient and effective health care management software for modern hospitals and clinics.

You can access the complete Java source code, project report, documentation and other necessary project files of online Health Care Management System from the download links in this post. Below, I have introduced the project with its features, objectives and system specifications; detailed description can be found in the project report.

Download E Health Care Management System Java Project with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation and ppt


Download E Health Care Management System Java Project with Source Code, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


About E Health Care Management System:

Existing System:

In the existing health care system, there is a high chance of misinterpretation of data as well as occurrence of errors. Moreover, it is cumbersome and time consuming. With the increase in volume of patients in the health care institutes, traditional method of management has gone out of phase. As a result of this, an advanced Health Care Management System  has been the demand of time.

Modules Used:

The project consists of two modules: administration module and client module. Administration module mainly deals with the all the Medicare Management such as department, ward, staff. Client module, on the other hand, mainly includes doctors, patients etc.


  • The system forms an online visiting platform for doctors and patients.
  • Use of this application roots out the problems such as data missing, information miss-match, long lane of patients in hospital etc.
  • It accurately analyses the usage percentage of hospital resources, bed occupation ratio, administration, Laboratory information etc.
  • It utilizes CRISP-DM (Standard Cross-Industry Process for Data Mining) for development of accurate and effective management system.



  • To optimize bed occupation.
  • To improve the use of operating theaters, avoiding the cancellation of operations.
  • To know how emergencies affect to the administration of the hospital departments or services (cancellation of operations etc.).
  • To optimize the allocation of human and material resources to wards and shifts.
  • To detect the influence of certain diseases in the hospital’s services.
  • To find clusters of patients.

Here’s a sample screenshot of the proposed system:

E Health Care Management System Project in Java

System Specification:

1. Software Requirements:

  • OPERATING SYSTEM          : WIN 98/2000/XP, UNIX/LINUX
  • DATA BASE                             : ORACLE
  • SOFTWARE                             : APACHE TOMCAT
  • FRONT END TOOL               : DHTML
  • LANGUAGE                            : JAVA

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • PROCESSOR                   :    Pentium-IV
  • PROCESSOR SPEED    :    2.4GHZ
  • MONITOR                      :    COLOR MONITOR
  • HARD DISK                   :    40GB
  • RAM                                :    512MB
  • MOUSE                          :    SCROLLING MOUSE
  • KEY BOARD                 :    MM KEY BOARD

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This E health care management system is a web-based application that assists in management of staffs, doctors and patients in easy, comfortable and effective service. Here, the concept of data mining plays vital role to develop an effective health care management system.

The proposed application aims to create a friendly working environment for any health care centers and to overcome the drawbacks in existing system of health care management. This system is very reliable and flexible from all aspects, so new features and modules can be easily integrated into the system in future.


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