Patient Management System ASP.NET Project


Patient Management System is an application developed in ASP.NET programming language for effective management of patients in a hospital. The main aim of project is to provide a computerized service to handle the patients’ details at any hospital. The project generates a kind of hospital management software which can be installed in any hospital or clinic to keep the records of patients.

The full source code and project report of ASP.NET Project on Patient Management System can be found in the download links in this post. Also available for download are documentation, screenshots, data flow diagram, and paper presentation ppt of the whole project. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project abstract and modules, and included some screenshots of the project.

Download Patient Management System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Database, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


Download Patient Management System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code, Database, Project Report, Documentation, and ppt


Patient Management System Project Abstract:

Patient Management System Project in ASP.NET

Everyday a large number of patients visit hospitals and clinics to check up; some of them are prescribed to visit next time. Therefore, it is necessary to keep record of patients in all health care organizations. But, the traditional system of storing details of patient is tedious, unsecured and risky. Due to these drawbacks, the development of computerized patient management system is necessary.

Providing quicker and efficient service is the duty of hospitals. But, the time of patient registration is longer than time of treatment in the most hospitals due to use of manual paper-pen system of patient management. The growing use of computers is becoming the solution to these problems these days.

The proposed Patient Management System Project is the software to maintain the details of patients in a computerized way. Besides patient management, there are several other features to manage different branches and departments such as pharmacy, hospital employees, doctors, etc.

Modules Overview:

The proposed ASP.NET project is a four-modules project: patient records management module, pharmacy module, employee management module and doctor management module. Each module has different role in effective implementation of Patient Management System. The modules are briefly introduced below:

Patient Record Management is the major module of project which describes the main aim of project. This module is responsible for keeping the details of patients in hospital so that they can be accessed at any time.

Pharmacy Management is designed to store the details of medicine regarding batch number, medicine name, expiry date etc. These details are updated to the system database by the admin. With the help of this module, the pharmacist can estimate the available stock of medicine and future requirement in hospital.

Employee Management Module is used to add the workers in the hospital to software by admin. This module will have employee for clerk to doctor under this module. The details of the employees in the software are updated in the database by the admin team from other forms when necessary.

Doctors Management Module is developed to maintain the details of doctors and related information. This module is also managed by the admin of the software. Admin has option to add doctor’s details to database using doctor addition module. The information such as doctor’s name, specialization and timings are available in this module.


Patient Management System Project in ASP.NET - employee addtion
Employee Addition
Patient Management System Project in ASP.NET - doctors list
Show List of Doctors
Patient Management System Project in ASP.NET - show all medicine
Show All Medicine

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Patient Management System is just like a hospital management software to solve the problems of patients’ records in hospital along with facilitating the different services to hospital administration. It can be used in any hospital and has a good future scope due to growing use of computers in hospitals. The detailed steps to run and install this project can be found in the download file.



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