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Drug Management System is a web-based application developed in ASP.NET. It focuses on managing the associative standards of the medical diagnosis and research development environments. This application increases in scope and size through the system database as the research activity and trial experiments increase within the organization. The entire project has been built considering the Distributed Client-Server technology.

You can access the complete source code, project report, database, documentation, design details, and other necessary project files of ASP.NET Drug Management System from the download links in this post. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the modules in the project, system specifications, and included a few screenshots of the project.

Download Drug Management System Project ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Download Drug Management System Project ASP.NET with Source Code, Project Report, and Documentation


Drug Management System Project Abstract:

The internal database of the system has been selected as MS SQL Server 2000. The total front is designed using HTML standards blended with the dynamism of ASP.NET. C#.NET is used to design the communication client. ADO.NET Database connectivity is used to plan the database connectivity of the system. And, finally the system authorization is divided into two zones: the administrative zone and the normal user zone.

Drug Management System at any point and time can provide the details of all the drugs included in the system. It records the drugs’ reaction agent combination, their generic details of allergies, their corresponding anti-allergic medicines, their usage conditions, and special instructions associated with the use of any drug.

Modules Overview:

1. Employees Information Module: This module handles the information of all the employees working in the organization. Each employee has an authorized post designation and a specific department. When the drug management system is executed, this module handles the complete transaction relations that arise to meet the requirements of the organization.

2. Drug Information Module: This module manages all the info, data and records related to all the drugs that are scheduled to be investigated within the system. It integrates itself with all the key parts of the organization where drugs are associated. It further cross checks its reference with the scheduled reaction agents of a particular drug and confirms the allergies that may arise upon usage.

3. Allergic Information Module: This module is essential to check if under the drug trials any allergic reaction comes out within the system. It manages the information and data of all the allergies and their corresponding anti-allergic medicines. It also handles the info related to the different signs and symptoms upon which the drug should be used.

4. Drug Trials Information Module: Some drugs are under the trial registry of Drug Management System software, and this module handles the information there within, this includes the drug trials starting date and ending date. It further keeps track of the people who are involved in trial participation.

5. Individual Trials Information Module: After the individuals have participated in trial participation, their records are kept in a secured format within the system software. Only specific information or result of the trial participation are allowed to be viewed by the participating individual.

6. Drug Trial History Module: This module handles the results or information coming after cross checking the history of drug trials. It also notifies the organization to keep track of the system’s executional future plans.

7. Security Module: The security standards required in Drug Management System are maintained and handled by this module. Access to the system is provided as per the required and previously approved authorization.


Drug Management System Project in ASP.NET new drug
New Drug Registration
Drug Management System Project in ASP.NET
Anti-Allergic Drug Details
Drug Management System Project employee details
Employee Complete Details

System Specifications:

1. Software Requirements:

  • Operating System    : Windows 2000
  • Software                    : ASP. NET
  • Data Base                  : SQL Server 2000

2. Hardware Requirements:

  • RAM              : 256 MB
  • Processor     : P-IV Processor
  • Hard Disk    : 20 GB
  • Memory       :32 MB

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The proposed Drug Management System in ASP.NET tries to automate and computerize the entire drug management procedure considering the database integration approach. With this system, administrators have greater accessibility to collect the relevant drug information that is of prime importance for a system like to exist and coordinate with various aspects within the system.


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