Student Assignment Feedback System PHP Project


Student Assignment Feedback System is an application developed in PHP programming language to enhance assignment collection and evaluation process. The main aim of the project is to reduce the work for lecturers by providing exact time for submitting assignments and giving grades. The implementation of this project creates a friendly environment to students and teachers for exchange of assignment. The project can be use in any university or college.

You can download the full source code of Student Assignment Feedback Project in PHP from the download links given in the post. Currently, the project report and documentation files are not available for download; if found they will be directly updated in the download links. To compensate the unavailability of project report, I have briefly described the project and its key features below.

Download Student Assignment Feedback System PHP Project with Source Code


Download Student Assignment Feedback System PHP Project with Source Code


About Student Assignment Feedback System:

student assignment feedback system project in php

The proposed PHP project on Student Assignment Feedback Management System is a web-based application developed to serve lecturers or teachers in collecting and evaluating assignment. The project creates an easy and comfortable sharing platform for students and lecturers. Being an online application, it can be logged in from anywhere with internet access.

Behind the semester examination, assignment is another means of evaluation of student’s study and performance level accepted by many universities around the world. But, giving and collecting the assignments manually is obviously tedious and time consuming. The manual system wastes time of submitter as well as receiver. So, a web-based system to manipulate assignment is needed to solve the existing problem in evaluation system.

Giving appropriate feedback to individual student is one of the major duties of lecturers. But, due to larger number of students in universities, it is quite difficult to give feedback to each student individually. The proposed Student Assignment Feedback Management System helps to create an online meeting platform to deliver messages of lecturers to students.

Sometimes, the once submitted assignment needs to be modified due to various reasons. If the assignment has been submitted by manual method, the student has to go to lecturer to ask for his copy and he needs to overwrite. Otherwise, he doesn’t get a chance to make corrections which reduces his grades. In the proposed system of student assignment feedback, modification can be carried out at any time before deadline.


The key features of Student Assignment Feedback System Project are:

  • It is an online web-based application developed in PHP.
  • The project makes an easy and comfortable interaction between lecturers and students.
  • The appropriate suggestion and feedbacks can be delivered fast and effectively to students.
  • It provides the facility of modification of submitted assignment before the deadline.
  • The implementation of project simplifies the evaluation process of universities.

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In conclusion, Student Assignment Feedback System Project is a web application developed in PHP programing language with the purpose of helping lecturers and student during submitting and evaluating of assignments and projects. The system can be implemented in any university or college to enhance assignment feedback management procedure.



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