Hotel Website Management System PHP Project


Hotel Website Management system is a web-based application developed in PHP programming language. The main aim of the project is to create a platform to modify the website of hotels as desired by owner without the assistance of web developers. After the implementation of this project, the hotel administrator himself becomes able to design the website of his hotel as per the requirement of the hotel.

You can download the full source code of Hotel Website Management Project along with its database design, configuration, template, and application from the download links given in the post. Currently, project report and documentation files are not available for download. So, below I have briefly described the project along with its key features.

Download Hotel Website Management System PHP Project with Source Code

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Hotel Website Management Project Abstract:

Hotel Website Management System

The proposed hotel website management system project is an online management software developed in PHP language. The proposed project is an implementation of Content Management System (CMS) to modify the content of hotel websites. Using this system, a non-technical person is also capable of modifying or designing the website contents.

Nowadays, websites are the most widely used means to share information and notices. Every hotel, organization, company, etc. has its own website through which past outcomes, present activities and future plans are shared to public. Hotels use websites to facilitate booking services, share available facilities, etc.

As the website is an essential component of the hotel, knowledge of website management to hotel officials becomes essential. But it is not possible to give the complete knowledge about web design. So, this Hotel Website Content Management Project helps to make them able to modify the website without any web design skills.

The hotel website content management system plays vital role in promotion of business. It helps the hotel administration to advertise the features and facilities of hotel. Using this project, the content of website can be updated regularly. It facilitates the online booking and payment services as well.


The key features of Online Hotel Website/Content Management Project are:

  • The project uses MySQL database system and PHP programming language.
  • It makes the hotel website more flexible and keeps it updated.
  • The implementation of project creates an absolutely easy and comfortable platform to manage the contents of hotel website.
  • The hotel admin can update the website from anywhere with internet access.
  • Using this project, website can be modified by simple drag and drop features.

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To sum it up, Hotel Website Management Project mainly aims at helping the hotel admin manage website contents without web design skills. It provides the facility of website content management using MySQL database. Implementation of this project promotes the hotel business by advertising the hotel features through regular updating of  hotel website.


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