Newspaper Advertisement Management System ASP.NET Project


Newspapers or newspaper agencies need a software for advertisement display and management, considering the volume of ad-booking request they receive. This newspaper advertisement management system is an ASP.NET project built with the aim of bridging companies who want to display their ads and advertising team in newspaper agency.

Source code, database backup, and image files of this project can be downloaded from the link below. Documentation, project report, and ppt are not available at the moment; you can refer the description below to understand the project synopsis and features.

Download Newspaper Ad Management System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code and Database


Download Newspaper Ad Management System Project in ASP.NET with Source Code and Database


About Newspaper Ad Management System:

Newspaper Advertisement Management System Project

No doubt, newspapers are the most popular medium for advertisement as they reach all over the country, and are seen or read by a lot of people. So, various companies and businesses target newspapers as their primary medium to advertise their product or brand.

Advertisement is not done haphazardly in newspapers as there are different ad slots. These generally come in packages on different areas/pages such as: front page, last page, middle page, entertainment page, sports page, business page, etc. The rate for each slot is different based on ad size and agreement between newspaper agency and companies.

Huge money is invested to advertise products and brands on newspaper, and companies need to contact the advertising team to book ad slot in a newspaper. Further, it becomes easy for both sides if payment for the booked ad slots can be made online.

This newspaper ad management project is built keeping these things in mind and tries to cover the aforementioned aspects. It is developed in ASP.NET as a web-based project. The key features of this project are:

  • Ad slots booking can be done online.
  • Users from different location can go through the newspaper agency’s ad package and gather required information from the website.
  • A web-based direct contact can be made with the agency by a company for support and general advertisement inquiry.
  • Payment can be made online, so it is fast and easy.
  • Users (companies) need not visit the agency’s office for any task aforementioned.

The proposed website has detailed information regarding advertisement packages, type of advertisement, ad information submission, contact details of both parties and payment method. The list of forms included in newspaper advertisement management system are:

  • system admin profile (with log in access)
  • user profile
  • modify, update, and delete profiles
  • add advertisement details
  • edit advertisement details
  • view advertisement details
  • delete advertisement
  • add employees
  • view employees
  • report based on ad publishing date
  • report based on ad registration date
  • report based on customer records
  • report based on employee records
  • change password

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With the use of this web-based system, users can register simply by filling an application on the website and view the advertising portal provided by the agency. Selection of advertisement can be done on the basis of category such as jobs, education, service, etc.

A list is provided for users from which they can choose a package that fits their requirements. Users can then choose ad formats based on the package; the selected ad formats are displayed accordingly. Slot can be booked upon providing information such as date, time, and ad specifications. These data once entered can be modified, updated, or deleted from the record.


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