Statistics Reporter PHP-MySQL Project


Statistics reporter is a database management software developed using PHP as front-end programming tool and MySQL as the back-end database. This application makes it easier to manage and analyze total records/data saved in the system database, total number of tables present in the database, and total space required to store the records.

This PHP mini project consists of four different source codes or PHP files. The purpose of these four files along with the source code is briefly discussed below. You can also download the source code from the link below.

Download Statistics Reporter PHP-MYSQL Project with Source Code


Download Statistics Reporter PHP-MYSQL Project with Source Code


About Statistics Reporter Software:

Database is used by many system software and application, primarily to store data. And, there are different types of databases based on project requirement. Two mostly used databases are MySQL and Oracle.

These databases are used for different purposes such as: creating tables, updating records to tables, modifying them, searching records within the system, and deleting existing records. The proposed statistics reporter mini project uses MySQL as the database, and is implemented with all these features.

The main objectives of statistics reporter software are:

  1. analyze all the records saved in the software database
  2. analyze and manage total number of tables updated and modified in the database
  3. manage total space of the database to store the data

The source code in this project consists of four PHP files. These codes are briefly introduced below:

1. Database Connection: The code here consists of info such as username and password, server, database, and database link, that are used to connect to database.

2. Database Statistics: This source code categorizes all the tables present in the database and sorts them by using columns.

3. Image Check: It checks empty rows in the database.

4. Today Stats: This file analyzes total database used by the system and provides a report.

All these source code files are available in the download link. You can find more PHP projects here.


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