Database Management System C++ Project using wxWidgets


Developed completely in C++ using wxWidgets, this database management system project (DBMS project) is one of the many simple C++ projects published in our site. It is totally built in object oriented fashion as both wxWidgets and C++ language are object oriented. In this mini project, you can create new database, create tables, provide fields, and many more. Users can also select and edit the existing database.

You can download the complete program files of this database management system project in C++ from the link provided below. This project is here just to help you get some ideas regarding C++ projects using wxWidgest. I hope, understanding and analyzing this project will help you start to develop your own applications.

You can view the program the program files of this project from the link below and analyze the project. You will find many files in the download folder, and you need to compile the C++ code using Code::Blocks IDE. Here, I will just explain database management system and wxWidgets in brief.

Download Database Management System C++ Project with Source Code and Program Files


Download Database Management System C++ Project with Source Code and Program Files


About Database Management System:

Database management system is basically a software or application that allows user to perform database operations on a computer. These operations include adding, editing, retrieving and deleting data. Database management system is more commonly known as DBMS.

So, in database management system project, there would be a file manager that would manage data in databases instead of managing files in file systems. The RDBMS – relational database management system utilizes relational model of tables and relationships to carry out the database function.

Database Management System Project Architecture
Database Management System Architecture

Some popular example of database management systems are Oracle, Microsoft Access, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, FileMaker Pro, dBASE, FoxPro, and many more.

About wxWidgets:

wxWidgets is a totally object oriented C++ library for GUI programming, i.e. creating GUIs (graphical user interfaces) for cross-platform applications. It lets users create apps for Windows, Linux, Mas OS X and some other platforms working on a single code base. With wxWidgets, a program’s GUI code can be compiled and run on cross platforms with no or minimal code modifications.

Not only this database management system project in C++, many applications we are familiar with are made in wxWidgets; Code::Blocks is the most common example. It gives applications a truly native feel and outlook as it rather than emulating the Graphical User Interface (GUI), utilizes the computer platform’s own API. Furthermore, wxWidgets is free, extensive, mature and open-source.

Analyzing and understanding wxWidgets-based applications can be a real headache for beginners. For example: writing a simple program to print “Programming is Fun”, needs a lot of knowledge and somewhat complex code conversion. But once you get used to it, everything gets simpler, and you can easily develop big applications within a few weeks.

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The complete source codes and program files of database management system project in C++ are available in the download links provided above. If you have any feedbacks, suggestions or queries regarding this project, you can bring them up to me from the comments section below.


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