SmartFTP Client Android Project


SmartFTP client is an android project developed to work like FileZilla to transfer files from client to server (mobile to server) or from one system to another. It is like any other android app, with common file-transfer features, that can be downloaded from app store.

The project abstract of SmartFTP client app presented below can also be downloaded from the link below. Also available in the download link are complete source code for this android project along with other necessary project files.

Download SmartFTP Client Android Project with Source Code and Project Synopsis


Download SmartFTP Client Android Project with Source Code and Project Synopsis


SmartFTP Client Project Abstract:

SmartFTP Client Android App Project

Android devices are very popular nowadays as many people use android smartphones and tablets for browsing the internet, watching videos, and sharing files. File sharing is an important feature of all android systems; people constantly need to connect with each other to gain access to each others resources.

SmartFTP client project is implemented with the aim of developing an android app just with features similar to FileZilla. FileZilla is a file-transfer software used in computers to transfer files or data from local system to servers.

Earlier, FileZilla was like the only means of file sharing medium, and it was limited to only Windows, Mac, and other OS. Connection was made through IP address only and connection via WiFi and hotspot was not possible.

Using the proposed android app, one can transfer files to multiple servers by connecting to them at a time. This sort of connection can be done using this app via three mediums: WiFi connection, particular IP address, or hotspot.

SmartFTP client provides additional facilities such as resuming while uploading data to server and downloading files from server to client’s system. The key features of this project are outlined below:

  • Files can be stored at a particular location through settings.
  • Connection to server can be made by either WiFi, IP address, or hotspot.
  • Resume feature can be enabled and disabled while uploading as well as download files.
  • Appearance and visibility settings can be customized.
  • Hidden files, if permitted by the server, can be searched.
  • Search can be done by selecting location, keywords, extension and file type.

Sample Source Code:

XML File: AndroidManifest.xml

Java File:

(Complete source code of the project is available in the download link.)

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SmartFTP Client app automatically shows the servers to which the android system can make connection to. To make the connection and gain access to others’ resources, just click on a particular server and authorization for connection will be automatically done.

After gaining access, you can transfer files and perform operations such as making folders, sorting and searching files, renaming files, deleting files, getting details, and much more. You can also grant permission so that other systems can access such resources and there are many other custom settings.


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