Android Projects with Source Code


Your search for Android projects ends here! Developed by and for college students as final year/semester college projects, the projects listed here can be useful for all android developers and students from different backgrounds. All these projects are well tested and run without any issues if executed properly.

All the Android app projects you can find in this post and our website are available for free download with complete source codes and necessary project files. Some projects are available with their project reports and documentations as well; before downloading these android projects go through the post description for respective projects/apps.

Android Projects:

Android Projects

» Group Messenger Android App: This is a simple multi-chat app that has a closed group chat room system. Using this group messenger app, same message can be delivered to a large number of people engaged in the chat room. Download.

» Class Timetable Android App: This android application aims at helping educational institutes to properly manage class schedules. With this app, information regarding class timing and planning can be notified automatically to the faculty members. Download.

» E Contact Android App: E contact helps the app users in emergency situations to contact hospital, fire station, police, blood bank, ambulance, etc. People with speech/communication disorders may find this app more useful. Download.

» Unit Converter Android App: Android cellphones and tablets can use this app to convert one physical unit to another equivalent physical unit. It supports conversion of degree Celsius to Kelvin, distance conversions, etc. Download.

» Block Call Android App: This Android app is developed with the objective of blocking unwanted calls by rejecting some specific calls/numbers. It also aims at promoting the use of sms or voice main for communication. The app can be useful for busy people such as politicians, officers, businessmen, etc. Download.

» Calculator App: This is a very simple app to perform some basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, etc. Download.

Here’re some more projects with source code available for free download:

Android App/Project Ideas:

Now, here’s a compilation of some innovative Android app project ideas for students to work on their final year or semester project. These ideas are well-researched, comprehensive, and can be developed as full-fledged innovative apps. These topics would suit Computer/IT students as well as Electronics/Communication students.

  • Android based Exercise Application
  • Android based Real-time Video Processing using Native Programming
  • Android based Remote Programmable Sequential
  • Android based Tourist Guide
  • Android Controlled Fire Fighter Robot
  • Android Phone Surveillance System
  • Bluetooth based Research and Design of Chatting Room System
  • Bounce Ball Game App
  • Calendar Application
  • Chat Application
  • Customer Relationship Management System on Android Platform
  • Doctor-Patient Interaction System
  • File Transfer and Sorting
  • GPS Enabled Smartphone
  • Implementation of 3G Mobile Police System
  • Memo Application
  • Metal Detection Robotic Vehicle
  • Mobile Quiz via Wifi
  • Personal Diary Android App
  • Remote Controlled Robot
  • Remote Operated AC Power Control with LCD Display
  • Remote Speed Control of DC Motor
  • Sending SMS with Speech Recognition Interface System
  • Sudoku Game App
  • Tic Tac Toe Game App
  • Vehicle Tracking App
  • Wireless Video Transmission

All the projects and their respective source code in this listing are complete and error-free, but there are always rooms for modifications and improvements in each project. You can write your own coding to add new features and functions to any of these Android projects.

All these apps/projects work in android cellphones and tablets. This list is frequently updated, so bookmark this page and stay updated with the latest Android apps and projects published in this site.

If you’re an Android app developer, you can share your projects with us. You can send your app projects with source code and project abstract at [email protected]. Also, if you have a project request, you can either mail us or submit your queries from the comments section.



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