Group Messenger Android Project


Group Messenger is an online multi-chat communication application developed with the aim of creating a platform for closed group chat room. Using this application, same message can be sent to a large number of users who have joined the chat room. Since only the verified group member can send and receive the message, Android based Group Messenger can be considered as safe and secured mean of information sharing.

The source code of this app project is simple, bug-free and user-friendly. You can download the source code and other necessary project files from the download links in this post. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the features and scopes of Group Messenger.

Download Group Messenger Android Project with Source Code


Download Group Messenger Android Project with Source Code


About Group Messenger Android App:

Group Messenger Android Project

Nowadays, cell phones with android platform software are being widely used all over the world. This has mainly been due to the features of Android platform such as high flexibility in application, reasonable cost, good durability and user friendly in handling etc. As a result of this, the demand of applications developed in Android platform is increasing.

Although a mobile phone provides a large number of facilities, its basic use is to establish communication between two users. And, the established communication should be reasonable, cheap, and secured.

Keeping these requirements in mind, many online chatting softwares have been developed in different programming languages. Similarly, with the motto of providing secured group messaging facility with reasonable cost, this Group Messenger Android app has been designed.


  • It provides the facility to send the same message to multiple users at a same time.
  • Using this application, you can send texts, pictures and videos as message.
  • This android application is fully secured and made virus resistant.
  • The online or offline status of a user is displayed by the application.
  • Since the application has data compressing feature, it minimizes the charge of internet use.
  • The application works even in the slow internet connections.

How to use the Application ?

Before utilizing the facilities of Group Messenger, the application should be installed in your device, either mobile phone or tablet. The users who are already using this application are allowed to invite other members into the group. Then, the invitation should be accepted by the invited user to be able to send and receive messages. Both online and offline messages can be sent with this proposed Group Messenger Android app.

In order to enable  ProGuard in Group Messenger android project, go through the following steps. Find detailed info here.

  • Edit
  • Define the proguard.config property as described in that file.
  • Add project specific ProGuard rules here.
  • By default, the flags in this file are appended to flags specified in:
  • You can edit the include path and order by changing the ProGuard.
  • Include property in

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Due to the growing use of android platform software cell phones, the need of a new and genuine android application is increasing. Since online chatting is the most widely accepted means of communication for today’s world, this Android based Group Messenger application seems to have good scope and future as described in this post.


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