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Video Chat is a web-based communication application developed in Python scripting language. With this application, users can chat via live video streaming like that of Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. This application establishes the face to face connection between two users connected via internet. It can be used by anyone to have video chat with friends, family, etc.

The source code of this project is relatively short and easy to understand. You can access the complete source code of Video Chat App from the download links in this post. Below, I’ve briefly introduced the project abstract with scopes, features and source code files.

Download Video Chat App Python Project with Source Code


Download Video Chat App Python Project with Source Code


About Video Chat Python App:

Video Chat Python App

Although the technology has crossed the horizon, it is still in a developing phase. With the development of technology, the means of communication are being enhanced. Each day the communication system is becoming much faster, reliable and effective. One of the most popular and reliable systems of communication is video chat on Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, etc., through internet.

There are several methods available for communication such as voice call, text chat, e-mail, mail etc. Each of them is capable of passing the message either thought voice or text, but they can’t bring two separate faces together. With this proposed Video Chat app face to face chatting is easy.


Listed below are the main features of Video Chat application:

  • It facilitates the users for live video streaming so that real audio-video communication is established.
  • The application has four scripts: client script, server script, video feed script and video socket script.
  • The application can’t work offline. It is useless without a reliable internet connection.
  • The application can’t establish a connection itself but assists other media in effective communication.
  • Video Chat Application utilizes web conferencing for video streaming.

There are four files in Video Chat app project:

  1. Client Script: to open socket; initialize video socket plus normal socket; connect sockets; send/receive code
  2. Server Script: to open server-side socket; transfer data; listen to incoming chat messages, wait for client response
  3. Video Feed Script: to initialize thread; CAM video capture; set data; show image/video
  4. Video Socket Script: to manage the transfer of fixed size frame strings over usual sockets

As this Video Chat project is supposed to perform video streaming along with instant messaging, its working process depends on web conference and push technology. Push technology is based on internet communication in which request for a transaction is initiated by central server or publisher.

Synchronous Conferencing and Instant Messaging are the typical examples of push server. Web Conferencing is a web service to allow conferencing event to be shared with remote location.

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The proposed Video Chat app can be used as a communication system for face to face interaction. Due to growing use of internet based communication system, the scope of similar applications is getting bigger. It can be used from anywhere by anyone having internet connection.



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