Virtual Memory Management System Python Project


Virtual Memory Management System is a memory management application developed in Python scripting language. The project aims at mapping memory addresses which have been used by different programs. During memory management process, it implements both hardware and software components.  It hides the fragmentation memory and makes the application programming easier.

The source code of Virtual Management System is relatively short and easy to understand. Source code can be accessed from the download links in this post. There is also a read me file available in the download file. Below, I’ve introduced this project in very brief explaining its abstract, scope and features.

Download Virtual Memory Management System Python Project with Source Code


Download Virtual Memory Management System Python Project with Source Code


About Virtual Memory Management System:

Virtual Memory Management System Project in Python
Memory Management

Virtual Memory Management System is an integral part of computer architecture. It builds up the memory management units into the CPU with the implementation of necessary hardware. Virtual Memory is supported by most of the modern operating systems. In such operating systems, each program has right to access virtual memory.

Memory management is an important aspect for faster and efficient running of a computer. During processing of data, it may require a large volume of data to be stored on RAM (Random Access Memory).  And, it disturbs the computer from performing faster.

The use of Virtual Memory Management System links active RAM and inactive memory on DASB (Direct Access Storage Device) to form a large range of continuous addressing. As a result of this, processing becomes easier.

If the Virtual Memory Management System has been implemented on computer with small RAM, it gets activated spontaneously when RAM is overloaded. Even the user doesn’t know when the data is copied from RAM to hard disk. Most of the computers without Virtual Memory and small RAM display error message or message to close program when the RAM is overloaded.

Use of a software like this is considered to be a good economic benefit to computers. At present market rate, hard disk spaces are much cheaper than Random Access Memory (RAM) chips. So, instead of adding up RAM in computers, it is better to implement Virtual memory in low RAM computer.


The key features of Virtual Memory Management System Project can be outlined as:

  • It implements both hardware and software during management of memory.
  • The project prevents the programs from sudden closure when the RAM is full.
  • It makes CPU (Central Processing Unit) store excess processing data on hard disk.
  • It is an economic step in compute architecture.

Here’s the system architecture of the proposed application:

Virtual Memory Management System Project

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Virtual Memory Management System is a component of most operating system of desktop computer. It provides a big benefit in memory management in low cost. Virtual Memory forms a platform for easier application programming. New features can be added into this application to make it a better one.



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